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Sabathia wants some respect for Yankees' staff

New York Yankees' CC Sabathia addresses the media

New York Yankees' CC Sabathia addresses the media during World Series workout. (October 27, 2009) Credit: John Dunn

The Nick Johnson story Thursday night overshadowed a bit the busy day at the Stadium where Curtis Granderson was introduced.

You had A-Rod making it official that he wouldn’t need any more surgery and Hal Steinbrenner saying the Yankees are “concerned” about the recent moves of the Red Sox.  

But the best quotes came from, surprisingly, CC Sabathia, one of the nicest, most down-to-earth guys on the team but certainly not Nick Swisher when it comes to flamboyant public discourse.

Yet, Sabathia has been irritated over the past week listening to some analysts discussing the top pitching staffs heading into 2010 and omitting the Yankees’ and he expressed as much.

“They don’t give us enough credit I don’t think,” Sabathia said. “Everybody keeps talking about Boston now, Seattle now with Cliff [Lee] and Felix [Hernandez], but I think we have some pretty good guys in our clubhouse that can match up with anybody.”

Sabathia delivered his “tirade” with a smile, though he was quite serious.

“They never talk about us,” Sabathia said. “They never talk about me or A.J. or Pettitte, but I guess we like it like that.”

Sabathia smiled.

“We’ll just keep sneaking up on people.”

As for Damon, he is all but gone and he seems to know it.

“It’s part of baseball,” Damon told the Times’ Tyler Kepner last night. “Teams try to make moves in hopes to improve their club. I wish them all the best.”

Damon said of Johnson: “I'm glad Nick gets to come back to a great organization. He will love the guys and the new stadium.”

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