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Should MLB expand instant replay?

In the wake of the Yankees needing to record 28 outs to secure their 6-4 victory over the Twins in game 1, here's what the two managers said about expanding instant replay.

Joe Girardi: "The thing about expanded replay for me is, could they have reviewed that play as quick as they talked about it? Probably. It may even be less time…It [more replay] actually could speed up the game."

Ron Gardenhire: "We've talked about a lot of different things. I like the game as it is. If they can help the guys out, make it easier and get calls right and figure a way to do it, you know, in a short time, then good for them. Last night that one worked out for us. It didn't work us for us last year. It goes that way all during the course of the year, you just have to live with it."

On the topic of making sure the game doesn't get slowed down, Girardi said, "That’s the great thing about technology. They can slow everything down. There’s different things you could do. You could have an umpire right in front of a TV and it could be, bang."

If you remember, a call went against the Twins last year when a flyball down the leftfield line by Joe Mauer that was clearly fair was ruled foul. That's why Gardenhire wasn't too bothered by the umpires ruling Golson's shoestring catch a hit last night.

"Well, I was really happy with the call last night," Gardenhire said. "It gave us a chance to get another hitter up there. But as we talked about all year long, the human element's always going to be there. That was not an easy one as he was going out. And those guys aren't used to being down those lines. So replay, I don't know."


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