The Yankees split things up today as at home they'll face the Phillies while a crew comprising some of their big names heads to Bradenton to face the Pirates. The game against the Phillies is on YES.

The home lineup:

Gardner CF

Johnson DH

Teixeira 1B

Posada C

Cano 2B

Swisher RF

Thames LF

Russo 3B

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Pena SS

Starting pitcher: Javier Vazquez

And the crew in Bradenton...

Jeter SS

Granderson CF

Yankees videos

Winn LF

A-Rod 3B

Miranda 1B

Rivera C

Hoffmann LF

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Pilittere DH

Corona 2B

Starting pitcher: Alfredo Aceves

*** Off the field the news of the day is Francisco Cervelli's visit with a ???. Girardi said Sunday he would wait to hear the doctor's recommendation before putting a time frame on Cervelli's return.

Girardi said Cervelli's recent concussion history -- he also had one in November in winter ball -- is a bit of a worry. 

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“It’s a big concern,” Girardi said. “It’s scary. I think it’s good that we pay much more attention that we used to. Used to say, ‘Oh well, I got hit in the head.’ Now they understand that there’s serious ramifications and you have to be careful. Hopefully he’ll be back in a couple days but we’ll be cautious.”