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Spring at-bats, fall numbers

Is there a relationship between spring training averages and what a batter hits for the  regular season? 

Take a look at 2010 starters for the Yankees. 

Regulars average about 50 at-bats in the spring, about 500 over a full, injury-free season. 


                               Spring                          Season          Observation         

Derek Jeter            .231                              .270           44 points below career average.   

Brett Gardner         .200                              .277           Given his speed, should hit .300.

Robinson Cano     .377                              .319           Can hit 10 points higher.

A-Rod                       .333                              .270           Oddly, didn't  hit lefties.

Jorge Posada         .371                              .248           DH role might raise average.  

Curtis Granderson .286                              .247           Needs to raise average.  

Nick Swisher           .313                              .288           Best average in his career.

Mark Teixeira            .362                             .256           30 points below career average.


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