It's another spring training live blog! Yay. Weather's been a little less Alaska and a little more Tampa over the last couple of days. Temps are breaking 50. The birds are singing, and we are 27 days from Opening Night at Fenway. Today the Yankees have some split squad action going on with two games, and the one against the Phillies is being broadcast on YES.

Javier Vazquez on the mound. Lets play ball.

Top of the 1st

Oooooo...Jimmy Rollins sending a Javy Vazquez pitch over the wall in right field has to bring back some not so pleasant memories for Yankees fans. Two words. Johnny Damon. Our buddy Robby Cano showng some range with a snowcone catch at 2nd. Teixeira makes the 3rd out picking up a slow grounder to first.

Bottom of the 1st

Kyle Kendrick pitching for the Phils. Fun fact. He has the same birthday as my Mom. Aug. 26th. Though considerably younger. Just to torment us, YES has flashed the weather report for Tampa on the screen. Hard to believe that those days of constant 70 degree days will be upon us in 6 weeks or less. Did Mark Teixeira always wear the ankle guard on his right foot? Anyway, he's wearing one now. Teixera sends a high one to center and the Yanks go down in order. This feels familiar.

Top of the 2nd

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Ibanez goes down looking. Seems like Vazquez has calmed down a little since that first pitch bomb to Rollins. I think we felt Jayson Werth's swing on a Javy changeup up here in Melville. Also, can I say what a spectacular mane of head hair and face hair Jayson Werth is sporting? My goodness. Javy sends them down in order.

Bottom of the 2nd

It's kind of funny how often it seems like baseball players are completely unaware of their surroundings when tracking a fly ball. In this case, Nick Swisher popped one to shallow center, Chase Utley backed off Ben Fransisco, who made what would be an ESPN highlight diving catch  if it weren't well, Spring Training. 1-0 Phillies.

Top of the 3rd

Jonathan Albaladejo takes the mound for the Yanks after Javy Vazquez strikes out four batters in two innings. Lucky break for Albaladejo on that first pitch, as that pitch was hanging out in the strike zone having a beer and Phillies batter, who might have been Jimmy Rollins (but then again might not have been. Someone was talking to me). Lucky for them, routine fly. Eeeeesh, seems like not much as changed for Albaladejo from last year. Chutley had an RBI single, and Jimmy Rollins snuck behind Jorge Posada who was totally inaccurate with the tag. On second thought, it appears Rollins was called out. Replay though indicates that he was safe. Oh well, spring training for the umps too.

Yankees videos

Bottom of the 3rd

It is horribly, horribly amusing to see the managers Manuel and Girardi sitting in what appears to be the stands. YES just also flashed what the Phillies project to be their 2010 rotation. It includes Jamie Moyer. Assuming he doesn't break a hip before the season starts. Moyer's pushing 50 now right? Wikipediea sez he turned 47 in November. Sweet Jesus. Kendrick sends three down in order. Yawn.

Top of the 4th

It appears that neither team has been charged for an error yet, though Albaladejo ior  Cano clearly had one on that bloop infield single. Ryan Howard breaks stretch of constantly whiffing against the Yankees.

Ramiro Pena turned a sweet double play to his left. Kid seems to have the kind of range that Captain Aweosme had like 10 years ago. So when does the "moving Derek Jeter to the outfield" discussion start. Werth's beard and amazing hair gets a walk to first. Ben Fransisco smacks a hard double to the gap in left center. Sends Jason Werth's beard in to score.

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Michael Kay reads this blog. Beard a hot topic on the YES broadcast. 38-year-old starting catcher behind the plate for the Yankees who missed throwing out an average runner  stealing  2nd. Ask Jason Varitek how that worked out.

Bottom of the 4th

Jose Contreras! Another old friend. If you recall, Contreras played for the Yanks back in 2003. Though he spent a large portion of that season on the disabled list.  Your nugget of Michael Kay wisdom of the day: Allegedly, it was the Jose Contreras signing that earned the Yankees the now infamous Larry Luccino nickname "The Evil Empire." How well did that one work out? Anyway, back to the game.

Lighter by 12 pounds Nick Swisher smacks a double into the wall in right center, scoring Cano and Posada. Crowd at this game seems a bit more animated than the last few I have watched. Marcus Thames whiffs to end the inning. 3-2, Phils.

Top of the 5th

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Split squad Yankees playing the ARRR Pirates are beating the Buccos 2-0. Jason Werth's beard struck out to end the inning. 3-2, Phils. Still.

Bottom of the 5th

Contreras comes back for Phillies. Kevin Russo, playing 3rd today for the Yanks, sends a pitch over the head of Ben Fransisco (I just love saying his full name). Ramiro Pena bunts, effectively none the less. Important when you're a backup infielder to be able to bunt well.  I am absolutely not kidding. Bunt scores Russo. Contreras loads ups the bases, and Cano sends in two more runs for the Yankees. Mid broadcast YES  switched from using 2009 stats to using spring training stats. I was confused for a hot minute when they tried to tell me Nick Swisher batted .143 in 2009. Contreras out. Chad Durbin in. The longest inning is over.

Top of the 6th

Now starts the really fun part of the games where if I'm not watching the television, every single second, I have no idea who's doing what. So bear with me, most of these guys with the linebacker numbers are guys from pretty low in the organization. A Christian Garcia is now pitching. First pitch was sent over the left field wall. Only run that scores in the inning.

Bottom of the 6th

Hometown boy Reid Gorecki is in for the Yankees. Gorecki was born in Queens and grew up in East Rockaway. Yanks signed him to a minor league deal back in January. You can never have too many backup outfielders. Right Mets fans? Teixeira interviewed on YES. Everything he says feels so forced and rehearsed.  I love being back. It's nice to know everybody. We made some great New Editions in the offseason. ZZzzzzzzzzz. Nobody scored.

Top of the 7th

Garcia still pitching for the Yankees. Ryan Howard struck out. Contrary to what I said earlier, in other news, air. Nobody scores. Garcia (who is this guy anyway) pitches another scoreless inning.

Bottom of the 7th

The #4 ranked prospect by Baseball America, Jesus Montero, has come in to catch for the Yankees. Our fine MLB columnist, Ken Davidoff, seems to think Montero will switch positions eventually because Austin Romine, another Yankee catching prospect, has better natural catching instincts. A little more about our two-scoreless inning Christian Garcia. He's 24, and spent last season with the Gulf Coast League Yankees. Impressive show. 7-4 Yankees.

Top of the 8th

Mariano Rivera called his bullpen session this morning "delicious." Werth's beard was up again this inning. He flew out to center. Nobody scores. Still 7-4.

Bottom of the 8th

Live blogger had to attend a meeting for the duration of this inning. Nobody scored. It is still 7-4.

Top of the 9th

The other half of the Yankee team beat the Buccos, 6-0. Alfredo Aceves had the start for the Other Yankee Team, and I'd be curious to who else was on the mound, as clearly, they allowed no runs. The Yankee pitching really has been impressive. They've had the majority of their lower-level in the organization guys pitching against Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard (when he's not whiffing) and Chase Utley, and they've mostly shown a lot of promise. You can never, NEVER have too many middle relief pitchers.Yankee #99 (playing 1st) just made an awkward slide into the wall trying to catch a foul ball. While it is important to show the organzation what you got during spring training, it is also not bright to run into walls during games that don't count.

Seems these two teams are hell bent on making this the longest spring training game ever. Kevin Whelan in for the Yankees. Went to find out a little bit more about him, however, he lacks a wikipedia page. He spent the last half of the 09 season in Wilkes Barre. Strikes out two, gets one to fly out. 7-5 Yankees final.