It was snowing this morning on Long Island. The windchill makes it feel like it's about 25 degrees. I'm sure most people are sick of snow shovels, road salt and have had at least one tire assaulted by a pothole.

Yankees spring training photos

But baseball is back on TV. The spring training games have started, which means warm, sticky evenings in the Bronx filled with the crooning of Frank Sinatra and the shrieking of John Sterling. Live blog coming up...

Almost the 1st inning. People are wearing winter jackets in Tampa. The Yankees had a flyover at a Spring Training game. Esteemed beatwriter Erik Boland tweeted that the Boss is settled into his luxury box at Steinbrenner Field. Play freaking ball.

Top of the 1st

Chad Gaudin, the Yankees starter,  who believe it or not made his MLB debut at age 20 with the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays will likely be competing for a spot in the Yankee bullpen. Gaudin looked alright for the first inning of the first spring training game of the 2010 season. One major snafu during an attempt to pick off Andrew McCutchen at first, sending the ball flying 7 feet to the right of Teixiera and well into the outfield. Still, no runs scored. Captain Awesome leading off for the Yanks...

Bottom of the 1st

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Paul Maholm pitching for the arrrrrrr Pirates. Captain Awesome grounds out to SS. It'll be terribly fun this season to listen to the speculation about what's going to happen with Jeet's contract for next year.  Though perhaps it won't be too badly beat into our heads. Also, the Mets might win 100 games! New Edition Curtis Granderson had a not so stellar at bat swinging awkwardly at a curveball that was at least 7 miles outside before grounding out. Mark Teixiera did the same. Pair of goose eggs after one.

Top of the 2nd

Lastings Milledge leads off for the Pirates. Mets fans might remember him, though most likely less for his play on the field, and more for this. Gaudin appears to have calmed down those Opening Day of Spring Training nerves and sent the Pirates sailing down one two three. Zero, zero. Here comes Mr. "I Finally Got the Gorilla off my Back" Rodriguez.

Bottom of the 2nd

Ross Ohlendorf, a former Yankee prospect, struck A-Rod out looking? Uh oh, could Alex be distracted by his recent interviews with the FBI? It's effecting his play isn't it.  SOMEBODY HIT THE PANIC ALARM. Thames and Hoffman end up out on a double play ball hit by Jamie Hoffman, who the Yankees picked up in the Brian Bruney trade.  Still no score.

Yankees videos

Top of the 3rd

Sergio Mitre takes the mound for the Yankees. Ground ball hit to Jeter's right and he gets to it. So no more questions about his range this season please. He's going to play till he's 65. He will unseat Satchel Page, who was the previous oldest guy to ever play Major League baseball. Mitre looks decent. Fastball hit 93 mph on the YES gun. Maybe he'll get that last spot in the rotation. Or the Mets will win 100 games.

Bottom of the 3rd

Three up, three down. Cervelli was beaned by Brian Bass, but then was thrown out attempting to steal 2nd. Yankees have sent 9 batters to the plate, and there has yet to be a run scored. Sergio Mitre going back out for the Yankees.

Top of the 4th

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Still no runs scored. Nobody gets on base. A ball was actually hit to the outfield though. Zzzzzzzz. Come on lets hit some BOMBS!

Bottom of the 4th

 Has anyone not hit a ground ball this game? Captain Awesome, Granderson (nickname TK) down on ground balls. Is it the cold weather? I mean, it's a balmy 50-something degrees in lovely Tampa, does that provoke abundant grounders? Anywho, Teixeria whiffs to end the inning. Four innings, 12 batters for the Yankees. STILL NO RUNS. Panic?

Top of the 5th

Rule 5 man Hoffman made a great play out in right, and had a low-grade crash into the right field wall. Added some zest and excitement to what has mostly been a mundane game. Like, as in you could hear the crowd. Immediately follwing was an awkward catch complete with motorcycle roll by Brett Gardner in left.  Just as I said something about an abundance of grounders. Well, Alfredo Aceves comes into the game, and we've gotten a plethora of fly balls. Touche, Yankees. Well, we've lost YES here at Newsday. So ah. Yeah, the inning ended. There's no score, and the Yankees are being no-hit by the Pirates.  ARRRRRRRRRR.

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Bottom of the 5th

Just as I said something, Sir Alex gave us a single to center. The Yankees are no longer being no hit. There is total legitimatcy to the no-hitter jinx. Yanks put together a little bit of a rally, getting runners on 2nd and 3rd, but were unable to capitalize on the leadoff single from A-Rod. Cervelli chops one to short and is easily thrown out at first. These Pirates don't look like the proverbial basement-dwellers of the National League now do they? Love-Love, end of 5.

Top of the 6th

Alfredo Aceves goes back out for the Bronx (Tampa?) Bombers. The boys on YES are discussing something that I feel hasn't gotten enough ink this spring training. The fith starter side show. Who's it gonna be? Hughes? Chamberlain? Mitre? Aceves? You might not hear much more about this before the season starts, so listen carefully, boys and girls. For what it's worth, my money's on Hughes. Nick Johnson in for Teixiera at 1st, makes a nice scoop to end the inning.  I'll give you two guesses what the score is.

Bottom of the 6th

Ramiero Pena leads off, and sends one signed, sealed, delivered right out of George Steinbrenner Field.  We have a run! Lord, I missed Michael Kay and his SEE YA! Though this will be the last time you hear me say that until sometime during late Winter 2011. Close call there at 2nd, but well, the umps need to shake off the rust too I guess. All the starters have been pulled for the Yanks, and the babies are in for some playing time. Funny, as soon as I say something about the Pirates not being basement dwellers, a bloop single trickles through 3 infielders into center and sends in another run for the Yankees. 3-0 Yanks.

Top of the 7th

Well, there are officially no players I've ever heard of left on the field. And the play reflects that, as a throw from the outfield missed two cutoff guys and trickled into the infield. Live blogger has to attend a meeting. Yanks up 3-2.


We're back from our meeting. Pirates and the Yankes are all tied up going into the bottom of the 9th. Remember the walkoff epidemic of the 2009 Bombers? What better way to kick off 2010 Spring Training.  Just sayin'. Man, the late innings of these spring training games are brutal, just because you never know who anyone is.  Number 98 hits a walk off homer to end this. No pie from Burnett. Sad news. It's been fun kids.