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Squirrel attacks Brendan Harris, delays Yankee game

Now if this isn't the cutest and most awesome video you see all day, I want to know what you're watching. I'm not sure the Twins management took these kind of delays into consideration when building a non-domed baseball field. A cute little attack squirrel somehow got loose on the field during an Alex Rodriguez at-bat. The squirrel nearly took out Brendan Harris, then took off for the outfield where it spent a great deal of time running errantly in circles and looking quite lost and terrified.

No word yet on what happened to the fuzzy little critter, though the last shot of him shows the poor little guy cowering in fear under the outfield wall.

Alex Rodriguez struck out, in case you were concerned.

UPDATE: Apparently you are no longer allowed to post cell phone video of your DVR because it is an MLB copyright infringement. SHEESH. So here's amateur video that is no where near as good. 

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