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Staten Island Yankees keep name, ditch Pizza Rats as option

Staten Island Yankees pitcher Ethan Carnes #34 in

Staten Island Yankees pitcher Ethan Carnes #34 in action against the Connecticut Tigers during a minor league baseball game in Staten Island, NY on Sunday, August 30, 2015. (AP Photo/Gregory Payan) Credit: AP / Gregory Payan

The Staten Island Yankees are keeping their name, abandoning a fan vote that included Pizza Rats as an option.

The Yankees farm team in the Class A New York-Penn League also had listed Bridge Trolls, Island Heroes, Killer Bees and Rock Pigeons as choices.

“Over time it became clear that the approval and acceptance of the new name and artwork would take longer than initially anticipated,” the team said in a statement Monday. “With that taken into consideration, we decided to table the rebranding process for the upcoming season.”

Staten Island said it “encountered obstacles that unfortunately delayed the process beyond industry deadlines.”

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