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Summing up the series: Yankees vs. Red Sox

Starter ERA:  4.96

Bullpen ERA: 2.53

Runs scored: 16

Runs allowed:  14

Hits allowed: 28

Walks allowed: 8

Home runs allowed: 2

Yankee hits: 27

Yankee walks: 16

Yankee home runs: 4

Record: 2-1

Andy Pettitte was fantastic, Burnett was okay and C.C. Sabathia was good early, bad late. The starters, though, should certainly round into shape considering their track records. The bullpen proved its worth in the final two games with Joba Chamberlain seemingly back on track to 2007 Joba and Chan Ho Park pitching three big innings for the win in Wednesday’s extra-inning affair.

Offensively, it really is amazing how evenly matched these two teams are, with the Sox just edging the Yankees 28 hits to 27. But there are two big difference. The Yankees hit four homeruns at Fenway, the Red Sox only two. For all the talk about how the new guys are power guys, we’ve yet to see a lot of that. The other thing is the walks. 16 walks to 8 in the Yankees favor, including one very big base-on-balls to Nick Johnson. Mike Cameron and Adrian Beltre might be great defenders, but if they can’t get on base enough, the defense-first strategy might backfire. Bet Joe West loved that walks stat.

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