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Tale of Two States: New York vs. Texas

Jerry Jones may reign supreme over Cowboys, but

Jerry Jones may reign supreme over Cowboys, but is he as notorious as the man they called, "The Boss"? Credit: Getty Images

The road to the World Series is going through Texas this year. We're going to leave it to the boys in pinstripes and Cliff Lee and his merry men to determine baseball superiority. But here, we're going to break down each city's pop culture worth.

So, will it be the ten gallon hats and cowboy boots in Texas or the overpriced suits and Blackberrys of New York City? Let's break it down.


George Steinbrenner (NYC ) vs. Jerry Jones (Texas)

The late Boss transcended professional sports into pop culture, becoming a character on the series 'Seinfeld.' There are too many Boss moments to name them all, but calling Dave Winfield "Mr. May," his illegal contributions to Richard Nixon and his repeated firings of Billy Martin are a few that come to mind. Jerry Jones' antics are well-documented, from his skirt chasing to the scoreboard the size of a cruise vessel inside the new Cowboys Stadium, but one could make an argument that Steinbrenner paved the way for owners like Jones.



Yankees: 1995-2003, 2007-present, Astros: 2004-2006

Andy Pettitte has won five World Series titles and an ALCS MVP with the Yankees and become the winningest pitcher in postseason history. He is a 20-game winner twice with the Bombers -- though he did take a little vacation down to the Houston Astros to be with ex-bff Roger "He misremembered" Clemens in 2004 to be close to his family, which lives in Texas. He had his career best ERA of 2.35 in 2005, and went to a World Series



Texas: Texas Longhorns, Texas A&M. New York: Hofs -- no, Stony Brook? Rutgers? Anyone? Bueller?

Yeah, we had to just give this one to Texas. They birthed Colt McCoy and Vince Young. New York has Long Island native Vinny Testaverde and Oceanside's Jay Fiedler.



The Statue of Liberty (NYC) vs. The Alamo (Texas)

Back in the day, when Texas was its own country (circa 1836), they fought for their independence at the Battle of the Alamo. The Republic of Texas, as it was then called, lost the battle with the Mexicans, but eventually won the war. It was also referenced in the blockbuster hit 'Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.' The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the Americans from France in 1886. It's one of the most recognizable American symbols of freedom and the principles this country was founded upon. Though, no blood was shed at the Statue of Liberty, and Ozzy Osbourne has never peed there.



The Roosevelts (NYC) vs. The Bushes (Texas)

Both families produced presidents who presided over wars, and both families were of the Republican Party. Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt was a governor of New York who became vice president, and ultimately president after the death of President William McKinley. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of the most beloved presidents in American history served three full terms (after being governor of New York) and was elected to a fourth before dying in office a month before V-E Day. The Bushes produced one one-term and one two-term president, both of whom presided over wars, served as governor of Texas and neither of whom was particularly beloved (though to be fair, Al Gore hadn't invented the Internet yet in the early 1900s). FDR and Bush, Sr. both have highways named after them. Teddy Roosevelt coined the phrase "speak softly and carry a big stick." GWB coined the term "misunderestimated." 



The Godfather (NYC) vs. Any Given Sunday (Texas)

HOO-AH! In "Any Given Sunday," Pacino trots out every sports cliche in the book ("Life's a game of inches, so is football") in an attempt to punch up an otherwise bizarrely intense movie about pro football players. In the Godfather, Pacino delivers some of the finest acting of his career ("What I want... what's most important to me is that I have a guarantee: no more attempts on my father's life") as he becomes the don of the most powerful mafia family in the world. Ah, that little football movie. You think that would beat a Corleone?



"Mexican Salsa" (NYC) vs. Pace (Texas)

We just had to add this one. In one of the most memorable advertising campaigns of all-time, a group of cattle drivers are sitting around a campfire when they run out of Pace salsa (made in San Antonio). They are offered a different brand, the completely bland-looking "Mexican Salsa." If you don't remember, watch the video below to see what happens next. 

EDGE: Texas (NEW YORK CITY?!?!?!)


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