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Teixeira for Pujols starts rumor mill

As the clock ticks towards the supposed deadline for signing (or not) Albert Pujols, proposed trades are starting to spread.

If Pujols' camp sticks to its threat, the Cardinals' first baseman will not entertain any offers from the Cardinals after noon today. Of course, there is nothing to say that cannot change.

Ken Rosenthal of throws out Mark Teixeira in a first baseman for first baseman swap. Rosenthal also mentions the Phillies Ryan Howard and Detroit star Miguel Cabrera.

Here's the immediate problem: Pujols has a no-trade clause. Beyond that, no team would give up a star player without signing Pujols to a long term contract. If Pujols has turned down the Cardinals' eight year offer of $30 million per season, the suitors for his services will indeed be slim.   

The Yankees could afford Pujols, but to think they would invest a half-billion between him and Alex Rodriguez is still way off the charts.

When all is said and done, expect a deal to get done between Pujols and the Cardinals. 

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