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Teixeira, Yankees, breath sigh of relief

Bottom line, Mark Teixeira felt fortunate.

"Anytime you get hit on a bone, whether it's a foul ball off your ankle or off
your knee or you're hit on your elbow or hit on your wrist or your hand, you
always worry," Teixeira said. "But I was lucky here."

Joe Girardi said Teixeira definitely wouldn't play tomorrow and was likely out Wednesday.

"We'll shoot for Thursday," Girardi said.

Obviously, the result could have been much worse. Teixeira certainly had that in mind when he took a Jeremy Guthrie fastball directly on his right elbow. He had it packed in ice in the clubhouse and said the bruise before getting the ice looked "pretty nasty." 

"Hopefully it doesn't get too bad tonight, but tomorrow will be a nice long treatment day," Teixeira said.

Guthrie battled command problems all night in the Yankees’ 11-7 victory and after he hit catcher Francisco Cervelli on the right forearm in the fourth inning, Girardi could be seen from the dugout gesturing and shouting in what seemed the pitcher’s direction. He said he didn’t think Guthrie was throwing at anyone but thought a night with poor command wasn't the time to practice the inside pitch.

“You’re having a hard time commanding your fastball inside, I don’t think this is the time to be working on it,” Girardi said. “They might disagree but this is too valuable a time for guys on their side, guys on our side and he was struggling with his command today. I don’t want to see any of our guys get hurt.”

*** Javier Vazquez had been the most impressive of the Yankees’ starters this spring up but tonight against the Orioles he wasn’t at his best, allowing four runs and seven hits in 5 1/3 innings.

The biggest blow came in the fifth when Adam Jones ripped a three-run homer to left-center that likely would have left the park even had the wind been gusting in instead of out.

"It was just a tough day to throw the breaking pitch, especially the curveball," Vazquez said. "Talking to Tony Pena at the end of the game, he was just telling me it was a bad day to throw a curveball just because of the wind." 

Overall, though Vazquez was pleased because he got his pitch count up and his arm feels ready to start the season. That's the priority at this point with all the starters.

"Feel good, almost got up to 100," Vazquez said. "Ready for the season." 

*** Joba Chamberlain entered the game with one out in the sixth. He allowed a hit but got a groundout and a strikeout.

"We talked about bringing him in in the middle of an inning," Girardi said. "That's going to happen so it was good." 

*** Chan Ho Park continues to look superb, throwing a scoreless inning tonight with two strikeouts.


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