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The Dallas Braden-Alex Rodriguez... thing

 It's not really a feud, because it's only being fueled from one side. It's not a rivalry, because the A's and Yankees next play July 5, and Braden may not even face A-Rod and the Yankees in that series in Oakland.

And, honestly, it's getting a little ridiculous.

Braden, as you can find two posts down, did a video interview with CSN Bay Area and ripped A-Rod some more for the April 22 jog across the mound that so enraged Braden that he's now felt compelled to comment twice.

Among his greatest hits in yesterday's interview was his reply of sorts to A-Rod's comment that a guy with 16 career wins seems to have an awful lot to say.

"I didn't know there was a criteria to compete against A-Rod," Braden said.

There was also much discussion of Braden's being from Stockton, Calif., and its 209 area code. How they handle things in "the 209" was much discussed.

Anyway. Here in our many area codes -- and I can't say I've heard much bragging about being from "the 718" or places like that -- we may all be in agreement that it's time for Braden to zip it.

No matter what anyone thinks of A-Rod's transgression of baseball's murky unwritten rules, it's over with now. We're two weeks away from that day in Oakland, so Braden may want to focus on other things.

As for Braden's feeling slighted by A-Rod's mention of his small career numbers, Braden might want to remember that there's another unwritten rule in his sport: Respect for the greats.

Rodriguez is indeed one of the greats. Braden's anger about the mound-run may be justified, and his words postgame on April 22 are not a problem at all.

His continued attack on A-Rod is a problem -- one that Braden's teammates should take care of. It's a fine line between being an emotional pitcher to being a malcontent. Braden's veering close to that line.

A-Rod will surely be confronted with Braden's latest attack when the Yankees clubhouse opens at Fenway Park this afternoon. Here's guessing Rodriguez will ignore it and stay quiet.

Here's hoping Braden can follow A-Rod's lead.

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