Francisco Cervelli, who visited a neurologist here yesterday, said he was "close to 100 percent" and fully expected to be back in the lineup by Friday.

"It’s like I feel I have a little less energy," Cervelli said, asked if he was feeling any more effects of Saturday's beaning. "But it’s getting better. It’s better than yesterday so I think tomorrow it will be 100 percent."

Cervelli planned to catch in the bullpen and take BP today.

"Tomorrow [I'll do] a little more and then Friday, I'm ready, that’s it," he said.

*** Chan Ho Park, who was supposed to throw batting practice Monday but had the session pushed to today because of a sore glute, felt good after throwing 35 pitches to batters, with Joe Girardi and pitching coach Dave Eiland looking on.

"I definitely feel good about it, the leg is fine," Park said. "Doing well."

Park said, "Oh, yeah," when asked if he was ready to get in a game, though Joe Girardi said that will probably have to wait another week or so.

*** Alex Rodriguez didn't refute or confirm Dr. Anthony Galea's statements to the Associated Press that he treated the third baseman with anti-inflammatories.

“I have nothing new to report,” Rodriguez said.

When a reported asked if he wasn’t talking because he doesn’t want to talk or that he’s been told not to, Rodriguez laughed.

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“I think the latter,” he said.

This makes perfect sense, of course. A-Rod, who has yet to speak to the Feds, has certainly left himself open here for criticism but those on him for keeping silent in the last week are off base. Very few people, if any, speak publicly before talking to investigators. Yes, Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran talked to reporters about their dealings with Galea but that was AFTER their interviews with investigators. If I was Rodriguez, I wouldn't talk either.

Rodriguez said, “I’m at ease no matter what,” regarding the situation, but "like I said, I have nothing else to add.”

Finally, today's lineup vs. the Pirates on a cloudy day at Steinbrenner Field:

Jeter ss

Yankees videos

Johnson dh

Posada c

A-Rod 3b

Granderson cf

Swisher rf

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Winn lf

Miranda 1b

Russo 2b

CC Sabathia gets the start


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