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The man from Oz

David Johnsen, a Yankees fan from Australia.

David Johnsen, a Yankees fan from Australia. Photo Credit: Handout

David Johnsen’s journey to see the Yankees in person has taken 35 years and 7,500 miles. All the way from Australia, Johnsen saw the Yankees for the first time this week in Oakland.

"I saw them on TV one day,’’ he said from Oakland. "I was watching the 1977 World Series and Reggie Jackson hit a three-run homer. And it went from there.’’

He meant to say that Jackson hit three homers, but he’s allowed the slight difference in language.

The Yankees have been kind to Johnsen and his daughter, Amy. "We’ve gotten autographs from Swisher, Johnson and Gardner,’’ he said. "Now I want to get Jeter.’’     

Johnsen arrived in California wearing a Randy Johnson Yankee shirt--``That's me name,'' he said. (Despite the spelling).  But he recently upgraded to CC Sabathia.      

Johnsen had met one other Yankee in person — fellow countryman Graeme Lloyd. Johnsen would not say what the trip cost him, but money did not seem to be an object. ``I’ve saved up for 35 years.’’

His next trip is already planned: ``I’m going to New York,''  he said.




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