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The not so great debate

 The Johnny Damon-Curtis Granderson issue is likely to heat up if Granderson continues to slump for the Yankees and Damon stays over .300 for Detroit. 

Who would the Yankees be better off with in the long run?

Granderson had a nice start to the season but sits at .231 with two homers and seven runs batted in. Damon, signed as a free agent by Detroit, is at .329 with no homers (in a cavernous stadium) and eight RBI. Does Damon’s eight doubles override Granderson’s two triples? Does the older Damon (36) fizzle as the younger Granderson (29) sizzles over the summer?

Beyond the stats, how about the energy (and HR power to right) that Damon provided? Granderson is undoubtedly a better outfielder with a much better arm. It is way too early to call this one. Keep in mind, however, that Damon probably would have also been used as a designated hitter by the Yankees. Would you rather have him or Nick Johnson? No debate on that one.  


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