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The skinny on Andruw Jones

Andruw Jones never quite achieved superstar status. Nearly 34 and reduced to a journeyman, the Yankees reportedly have an eye on him as their fourth outfielder.

Most Yankee fans remember Jones from the 1996 World Series when the then-19 year   old hit two home runs for the Braves. Jones had some terrific years in Atlanta, but acquired the reputation of being something less than a hard worker. When he was in shape, he performed well.

His defense had always been Gold Glove quality, but Jones’ shining season as a hitter occurred in 2005 when he hit 51 homers and drove in 128 runs. Not wanting to give him a big contract, the Braves let Jones go after his deal with them expired following the 2007 season despite his 26 homers and 94 RBIs.   

Jones has spent time with the Dodgers, Rangers and White Sox. The Dodgers had signed him to a two-year, $36.2 million deal, but he reported overweight. He was eventually benched by manager Joe Torre, became injured and was ultimately bought out after only one season.

In 15 seasons, he has 407 career homers but only a .256 batting average.

Jones will not command a big salary. He made a base of  $500,000 last year with the White Sox, where he hit 19 homers and drove in 48 runs.

Jones would take the place of Marcus Thames, who hit 12 homers and drove in 33 runs last season and was considered a bargain for $900,000. However, Thames is a defensive liability.  


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