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The stats: Derek Jeter vs. Hall of Fame shortstops

A look at the statistical rankings in the five categories used to determine how Derek Jeter compares with the 23 Hall of Famers who played at least 500 games at shortstop.

(You can see the the more complete composite rankings in our photo list.)

Honus Wagner1193115
Derek Jeter4437826
Arky Vaughan621011736
Barry Larkin7959636
George Davis391211237
Luke Appling561521442
Joe Cronin98651846
Robin Yount10134141152
Joe Sewell1831431957
Cal Ripken Jr.2152152458
Hughie Jennings204235759
Lou Boudreau1191372161
Pee Wee Reese14198101263
Ozzie Smith7212016367
Ernie Banks12171192271
Travis Jackson19127162074
Dave Bancroft161418121676
Luis Aparicio17211123577
Bobby Wallace132017181381
Phil Rizzuto221816131584
John Montgomery Ward23162222487
Joe Tinker15211924988
Walter "Rabbit" Maranville212420201095
George Wright24724212399


1Honus Wagner.327
2Arky Vaughan.318
3Joe Sewell.312
4Hughie Jennings.311
4Derek Jeter.311
6Luke Appling.310
7George Wright.302
8Joe Cronin.301
9Barry Larkin.295
9George Davis.295
9Lou Boudreau.295
12Travis Jackson.291
13Robin Yount.285
14Dave Bancroft.279
15Cal Ripken Jr..276
16John Montgomery Ward.275
17Ernie Banks.274
18Phil Rizzuto.273
19Pee Wee Reese.269
20Bobby Wallace.268
21Luis Aparicio.262
21Joe Tinker.262
21Ozzie Smith.262
24Walter "Rabbit" Maranville.258

1Ernie Banks512
2Cal Ripken Jr.431
3Derek Jeter258
4Robin Yount251
5Barry Larkin198
6Joe Cronin170
7Travis Jackson135
8Pee Wee Reese126
9Honus Wagner101
10Arky Vaughan96
11Luis Aparicio83
12George Davis73
13Lou Boudreau68
14Joe Sewell49
15Luke Appling45
16Phil Rizzuto38
17Bobby Wallace34
18Dave Bancroft32
19Joe Tinker31
20Ozzie Smith28
20Walter "Rabbit" Maranville28
22John Montgomery Ward26
23Hughie Jennings18
24George Wright11

1Arky Vaughan.406
2Luke Appling.399
3Honus Wagner.391
3Joe Sewell.391
5Hughie Jennings.390
5Joe Cronin.390
7Derek Jeter.380
7Lou Boudreau.380
9Barry Larkin.371
10Pee Wee Reese.366
11George Davis.362
12Dave Bancroft.355
13Phil Rizzuto.351
14Robin Yount.342
15Cal Ripken Jr..340
16Travis Jackson.337
16Ozzie Smith.337
18Bobby Wallace.332
19Ernie Banks.330
20Walter "Rabbit" Maranville.318
21George Wright.317
22John Montgomery Ward.314
23Luis Aparicio.311
24Joe Tinker.308

1Honus Wagner722
2George Davis616
3Ozzie Smith580
4John Montgomery Ward540
5Luis Aparicio506
6Barry Larkin379
7Hughie Jennings359
8Derek Jeter356
9Joe Tinker336
10Walter "Rabbit" Maranville291
11Robin Yount271
12Pee Wee Reese232
13Bobby Wallace201
14Luke Appling179
15Phil Rizzuto149
16Dave Bancroft145
17Arky Vaughan118
18Joe Cronin87
19Joe Sewell74
20Travis Jackson71
21Lou Boudreau51
22Ernie Banks50
23George Wright47
24Cal Ripken Jr.36

1Honus Wagner138.1
2Cal Ripken Jr.92.5
3George Davis84.6
4Derek Jeter74.2
5Luke Appling72.7
6Arky Vaughan72.6
7Barry Larkin67.6
7Ozzie Smith67.6
9Joe Cronin66.6
10Robin Yount66.5
11Lou Boudreau64.5
12Ernie Banks63.3
13Bobby Wallace62.4
14Pee Wee Reese61.3
15Joe Tinker55.5
16Dave Bancroft49.2
17Luis Aparicio49.1
18Joe Sewell48.1
19Travis Jackson46
20Hughie Jennings44.9
21Walter "Rabbit" Maranville42.5
22Phil Rizzuto41.3
23John Montgomery Ward39.8
24George Wright26.4

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