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Broken Clouds 39° Good Afternoon

There will be a lot of No. 42s on the field tonight

It's Jackie Robinson Day, when every major-league player wears No. 42 in honor of the man who broke baseball's color barrier in 1947.

Of course, there would be one No. 42 in Yankee Stadium tonight regardless -- Mariano Rivera is the last active player of 12 who were given permission to keep the number back in 1997, when the number was retired league-wide.

Here's the list of those who were allowed to keep No. 42 back 13 seasons ago:

 Dennis Cook, LHP, Marlins (former Met)

Butch Huskey, OF, Mets

Jose Lima, RHP, Astros (former Met)

Jason Schmidt, RHP, Pirates

Kirk Rueter, LHP, Giants

Lenny Webster, C, Orioles

Fernando Hernandez, RHP, Tigers

Mo Vaughn, DH, Red Sox (former Met)

Mike Jackson, RHP, Indians

Scott Karl, LHP, Brewers

Tom Goodwin, CF, Royals

Buddy Groom, LHP, A's


Not exactly an All-Star collection. Good thing Mo is the only one left standing; somehow, the nobility of today might be lessened if Butch Huskey were still hanging onto No. 42.

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