It's been a rough week for the "Core Four." Our own Ken Davidoff has renamed them the "Sore Four." With Mo resting with "tightness in his left side," Andy Pettitte falling victim to "elbow tightness" and Hip Hip Jorge experiencing a calf strain, it seems that Derek Jeter would fall victim next. Especially with the recent Sports Illustrated cover story featuring the four Yankee vets. Because you know what that means.

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A little history. There's a long standing myth (or not, depending on how superstitous you are) that if a player is on the cover of Sports Illustrated, they get injured or their career goes down in a spectacular ball of flames shortly there afterward. It started with Evel Knievel back in the early 70s when he nabbed the cover spot then failed a motorcycle jump across the Grand Canyon. Mo Vaughn was showcased, then went into an 0-14 slump in the '95 playoffs. Nomar Garciaparra's infamous bloated SI shot nearly a decade ago preceeded his crippling wrist injury. Pedro Martinez and "why the Red Sox will win the World Series" back in 2000. We all saw how that ended. Peyton Manning in 2004, then the Colts laying down and dying to the Patriots in the playoffs. Most recently, it was Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn, who had her Vancouver Olympics experience threatened by a leg injury.

Anyway, the good folks who produce bubble wrap sent Captain Awesome a roll of his very own bubble wrap in order to protect himself from injury. How freakin' sweet would it be for him to lead off tomorrow night at Fenway wrapped in the noisy wonderfulness that is bubble wrap. A headfirst slide would not only be unpainful, but would probably sound like the 4th of July over the East River with all that popping.

Make it happen, Derek.