Thumbs up to thumbs down. The Yankees’ trademark gesture over the last month is all the rage. And Todd Frazier is the digit master behind it all.

It all started Sept. 11 in, of all places, Citi Field where the Yankees played the Rays because Tampa was in the throes of Hurricane Irma.

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The crowds were small but very pro Yankee, except for one fan who showed his disgust by turning thumbs down when Frazier hit a three-run home run. The YES TV cameras caught the gesture, and it caught fire in the twitterverse and the Yankees’ dugout.

Frazier loved the fan’s reaction and from that day on every time something positive happens for the Yankees, from a base hit to a home run, Frazier leads the thumbs down charge. Aaron Judge is one of the biggest proponents from the dugout.

The Thumbs Down Guy, as he is called, was identified by as longtime Mets fans Gary Dunaier, 54, of Fresh Meadows who was seated near the Yankees’ dugout when Frazier homered.

Frazier, whose Twitter feed @FlavaFraz21 is packed with yellow thumbs down emojis is selling thumbs down shirts on his website