Good Morning
Good Morning

Tonight's starter: Phil Hughes

Phil Hughes is 7-1 with a 2.54 ERA in 10 starts for the Yankees this season. In 63.2 innings, Hughes has allowed just 47 hits, with 64 strikeouts and 20 walks. His WHIP? It's 1.05.

Hughes can get his eighth win tonight against the worst team in baseball -- the Baltimore Orioles. Flashback to about a week ago (June 2 to be exact):

Hughes vs. Baltimore Orioles

IP: 7
ER: 1
H: 6
SO: 7
BB: 1

Result: Yankees win 9-1

Hughes had a two-game stretch when he didn't look very good: a no-decision against the Boston Red Sox on May 17 (five earned runs in five innings) and loss to the Mets on May 22 (four earned runs and eight hits in 5.2 innings).

But since those two games, Hughes has dominated the Cleveland Indians and Orioles:

Hughes vs. Indians and Orioles (both wins)

IP: 14
ER: 3
H: 11
SO: 15
BB: 2

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