Overcast 33° Good Afternoon
Overcast 33° Good Afternoon

Up today: more live BP

No major press conferences scheduled for today and the primary news that could come out of the day is if Chan Ho Park is finally in camp [he took his physical on Thursday].

Otherwise, it should be back to Camp Quiet – knock on wood – here as much of the national media has departed with the Jeter and A-Rod addresses over with.

On today’s schedule is another round of live BP, which more or less entails batters standing in and rarely, if at all, swinging. Curtis Granderson on Thursday, for example, stood in against Alfredo Aceves and looked at all 10 pitches he saw.

“The one thing that you want to see on a day like today [live BP] is that they’re able to maintain their mechanics, that they’re able to throw strikes,” Joe Girardi said Thursday. “And for the most part we did that. The first time a hitter gets in there, it’s a different look.”

*** And, again, Live Chat I coming up later today at 3 p.m. Stop on by.

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