Former Yankees third baseman Robin Ventura was a teammate of Roger Clemens for one season, in 2002. Ventura never noticed anything unusual about Clemens - not signs of anger or arrogance - and said he enjoyed taking the field behind him

“He was a good teammate," Ventura said at an event for college athletics sponsored by Capital One today. "He was enjoyable to play with. It’s tough to watch a guy go through all the things that he’s going through.”

Ventura was irked when he first saw the lines between baseball and Washington cross at the 2005 steroid hearings. “That was the first time it started getting weird," Ventura said. "You see these guys that you play against go in to Congress and it’s odd.”

Watching his former teammate parade in and out of Congress continues to remind Ventura of that uncomfortable feeling. 

“He’s walking into Congress. It’s weird, it’s an odd thing to look at. As an athlete looking at another athlete, it’s odd to see that.”

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Ventura sad he never saw anyone use performance-enhancing drugs. 

“I know that I must have played with a lot of guys [that used PEDs] by looking at the reports that came out, but people act like [drugs are] just laying in the locker room, and it’s not. They do this stuff at home."

Ventura said that baseball is doing a better job of cleansing the sport since the cloudy period in which he played, but he added it is sad he had no choice but to play during a marred era of baseball.

“It’s unfortunate that people will always look at this group with a skewed view.”