Good Morning
Good Morning

What if this had happened in the old days?


     Back when there was real, constant "creative tension" in the Yankees front office, this turn of events would have been quite the sight to behold.

      As much as the current administration pays homage to George Steinbrenner, especially that plaque in monument park that is the size of several U.S. states, there is no one to hold anyone's feet to the fire over two consecutive embarrassing wipeouts at Yankee Stadium.

        If there really were someone like George around now, no one would have a very comfortable morning on Wednesday. And one can only imagine with a George-type would do and say about a loss by the high-priced Yankees in this series with the just-out-of-bankruptcy Rangers.

          A-Rod would be the new "Mr. May." He has done basically nothing this series, with his .133 average. Derek Jeter raised his average to a respectable .278 with two hits on Tuesday night in Game 4, but other than Robinson Cano (.467) no one has really been the "warrior" that George used to like to talk about.

         What do you suppose he would say about A.J. Burnett, who staggered through September and made it through five solid innings but couldn't get past the eighth-place hitter on the Rangers when he really needed to? Does the phrase "spit the bit" come to mind?

         And the entire front office would be having to explain itself for letting Cliff Lee slip through its fingers and go to the Rangers before the trading deadline.

         It is not clear if there is anyone up top to make anyone feel accountable these days. We might find out in the next few days.


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