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When will Posada return behind the plate?

Scott Podsednik of the Kansas City Royals safely

Scott Podsednik of the Kansas City Royals safely slide into home after Jorge Posada of the New York Yankees dropped the ball at Yankee Stadium. (July 24, 2010) Credit: Getty Images

Every game keeps on turning into one "extra day" after another for Yankee catcher Jorge Posada.

At manager Joe Girardi's suggestion, Posada has sat out again last night in the Yankees 11-4 win over the Indians. Just yet another game Posada sat out due to soreness in his left knee.

Posada said prior to last night's win that he hopes to play 2 of the 3 games versus the Rays this weekend -- which opens with a game tonight in St. Petersburg at 7:10.

So, for now, that appears to be the plan. That Posada will play two games with the opportunity beginning tonight?

But is it likely that he plays tonight? And, with the latest comments last night from Posada and Girardi, should one believe Posada's words, or will he sit out this series as well? Are Girardi and Posada even on the same page? Or are both or one or the other blowing smoke?

You be the judge:

Here is what Posada had to say: "He's just giving me an extra day. It does feel better than when it flared up on Tuesday (the game prior to Wednesday's game where Posada played at DH). 

An here is what Girardi had to say: " ( He) told me it was still cranky. I just thought we’d give him the full day off and see where we’re at. Still, "there’s no doubt I could play him."

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