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Will Montero be dancing in September?

There are two candidates for a catcher call-up on Wednesday, and neither is on the 40-man roster: Chad Moeller and Jesus Montero.

Moeller was up earlier this year and is familiar with being a backup and there is no concern about running him out there four days in a row late in the season to help Jorge Posada and Frankie Cervelli rest up for October.

Montero is a different story. He’s better offensive option than Moeller right now even though he has yet to see a big league pitch, but adding him to the 40-man roster has some long-term ramifications. First of all, it ties up a spot over the winter, meaning that’s one less player the

Yanks will be able to protect from the Rule 5 Draft. Montero himself wouldn’t be Rule 5 eligible until after next season, so you’d be adding him and starting his option clock before it was absolutely necessary.

Basically, it limits roster flexibility going forward. Then there’s also the issue of playing time; how much would he really play down the stretch if it’s a tight race with the Rays like we all expect?

The Yanks could also have Montero join the team but not activate him; they’ve done this a few times over the year with guys like Phil Hughes, Jeff Marquez, Tyler Clippard, J.B. Cox and others. They basically do everything with the team – workout, taking batting practice, throw bullpens, etc. – but watch the game from the stands instead of in the dugout with the uniform on. It gives them a taste of the big league life without compromising the 40-man roster.

Fans would like to see Montero in September, but it’s not the right time for him. Let him help Scranton in the playoffs, then let him come up and hang out with the big league team without actually being on the roster.

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