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Will Pettitte walk away from big money?

Few players quit while they are still ahead and Andy Pettitte has at least one big payday remaining in his 38-year-old left arm.

When free agent Cliff Lee decided to sign with the Phillies, Pettitte's stock soared. He earned $11.5 million in 2010, but could be in for a big raise if he decides to return.

Mike Mussina called it a career after a 20-win season. Will Pettitte do the same after an injury shortened 11-3 season?

The Yankees have no one to replace Pettitte in the rotation. Pettitte knows that, though he isn't the type to flaunt it. Still, he has the right to command a salary in the range of the $16.5 being paid to struggling teammmate  A.J. Burnett.

If it truly isn't about the money, Pettitte is done. But no one would blame him for cashing in one more time. 

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