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With or without Cliff Lee, Swisher still confident

Nick Swisher knows Cliff Lee, obviously, would have made the Yankees better. But even with the Yankees failing ot land the lefthander, Swisher called the team "great" with expectations as high as ever.

"It just didn't work out for us," said Swisher, speaking Tuesday night at the Grand Hyatt in Manhattan before the Thurman Munson Awards Dinner, which benefits the AHRC New York City Foundation. "Let's move on. We would have loved to have him but we didn't get that opportunity...For us, we feel great. We’ve got an amazing lineup from top to bottom. We just want to go out there and prove that we’re as good as we think we are.”

Swisher said he was most excited about the acquisition of Rafael Soriano.

“I think he just takes a whole inning off of a game,” Swisher said. “Him and Mo [Mariano Rivera] in the pen, it turns it into a seven inning game. With the other great pitchers I think we have in the pen, you’re shortening the game to five, six innings. For us, we have to feel good about that. We feel any situation we’re put up against, we feel we’re going to be successful. People say we don’t have the pitching. I don’t buy believe that. We’re going to find a way to win.”

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