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Drive-in movies at Yankee Stadium parking lot could be Bronx tale

Yankee Stadium is empty on the scheduled date

Yankee Stadium is empty on the scheduled date for Opening Day March 26, 2020 in the Bronx, New York. Credit: Getty Images/Al Bello

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According to Time Out New York, an area near the Stadium will host drive-in movies each weekend starting in July.

Time Out described the space to be utilized as “the parking lot of Yankee Stadium,” which does not make it exactly clear where the event would be. The Stadium does not have, as Citi Field does for example, a vast, flat parking lot area suitable for hundreds and hundreds of cars. The majority of lots around the Stadium are parking garages, though there is a lot, located between River Avenue and Gerard, that in theory could be used, as well as a garage with a flat parking area perched atop it located a short distance away from Stadium Gate 4 as one approaches the Macombs Dam Bridge.

The events, called Uptown Drive-In Experience, would not have any impact on a.) any Yankees games that might be held at the Stadium this summer and b.) fans, if given clearance, attending the Yankees games, according to a source. 

The Uptown Drive-In Experience, run by MASC Hospitality Group, would feature, in addition to the movie, “live performances from local artists, car side dinner service from our fantastic street vendors, drinks from local and national brands,” according to the group's website, and also “games, raffles, and tons of giveaways.”

“Anticipating the reopening process in NYC, we've been working on the idea of an Uptown Drive-In Experience since late March,” the website ( said. “We have created a social distancing playground to serve as the first step to normalization and made it right here in our beloved Bronx.”

The announcement seems to be a sign that even if there is baseball inside Yankee Stadium at some point this summer — still a significant “if” at the moment as Major League Baseball and the Players Association are still in the early stages of negotiations on a return-to-play scenario — it likely won’t include fans in the stands.

But it is unrelated and the notion of fans attending any MLB games this season, at any venue, remains a question.

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