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Yankees at Boston live blog

Today, we've got the Yankees at Boston in the conclusion of the three-game series. Newsday will be here with you with the inning-by-inning liveblog, so click refresh early and often. (Ok, that's my one blog plug for the night. I'll now stop channeling my Keith-Hernandez-Plugging-Coin-Galleries-Of-Oyster-Bay.)

Check out the posts below for pregame action, courtesy of one Cody Derespina. I'll be pinch-hitting tonight for him.

Kim Jones does the pregame chat with Curtis Granderson, who'd like all y'all to know that he watches Nick-at-Nite. Kim! You should've asked him if he liked the "I Love Lucy" reruns or gripping early-90s' fare like "All That" and "Clarissa Explains It All." Inquiring minds want to know, Ms. Jones.

Ok, ok...back in a few with the first pitch.


Bottom 10th: Mo in to pitch. Ellsbury grounds out to first and Tex takes it to the bag himself. Pedroia grounds out to third. One out left. Victor Martinez flies out and that's it, people. Yankees win.

Top 10th: Granderson smashes a fastball over the rightfield fence. HOME RUN. 2-1, YANKEES. That's one way to endear yourself to the fans. Papelbon walks Gardner. Papelbon seems to think home plate is around first base. Five...count 'em, FIVE pickoff attempts. Jeter walks, seven hours later. Pitching change: Scott Atchison. Johnson walks. Teixeira grounds out to bring home a run. 3-1 YANKEES A-Rod grounds out.

Bottom 9th: Beltre puts a charge on Park's offering, but Swisher tracks it down on the warning track. Drew singles up the middle. Park misses badly with a fastball and Cameron drives it to deep left - but there's just enough park to contain it. Two outs. Scutaro goes the same way, but Gardner reals it in. We're going to extras!

Top 9th: Pitching change: Jonathan Papelbon. I'm generally morally opposed to extra-inning American League games. There aren't that many pitchers in the world. Just sayin'. A-Rod grounds out to third. Cano pops out in foul territory and Posada grounds out to end the inning.

Bottom 8th: Martinez grounds out to Cano and Youk gives it a ride in the deepest part of the park, but the ball settles in for out number two. David Ortiz strikes out swinging. least he got that one hit.

Top 8th: This is moving at a nice clip: Jeter grounds out to shortstop, Johnson strikes out looking and Teixeira flies out to right.

Commercial break: Wow. Fewer things sound awesomer/worse than "a hidden layer of nacho cheese sauce." Oh Taco Bell, you inspire such conflicing emotions in me.

Bottom 7th: Pitching change: Chan Ho Park. Park will see if he can redeem himself after his disasterous outing on Sunday. Scutaro pops out to right. Ellsbury flies out to center and Pedroia flies out - strong bounce-back for Chan Ho Park.  

Top 7th: Pitching change: Scott Schoeneweis comes in to pitch, making me second-guess my spelling, every time. Cano strikes out swinging. Posada pulls into second with a deep fly ball to the base of the centerfield wall. Granderson strikes out swinging on the 3-2 slider. Pitching change: Daniel Bard. Bard gets a quick two strikes on Swish and this kid can throw some heat, huh? He's in the 99 mph area. Swisher lines to rightfield...Posada's slower than the line at the DMV and it might be close. Drew comes up throwing, but Martinez can't get a glove in it. SCORE: 1-1.  Gardner grounds out to short for the fielder's choice.

Bottom 6th: Beltre hits a sloooooow roller to third. A-Rod makes the nice bare-handed pick, but he can't get him at first. Drew hits into the 4-6-3 DP. Cameron strikes out swinging.

Top 6th: Ahhhhh, Jeter gets hit. Not by a lot, though, and it's a one-run game - so, probably not intentional. But the benches get warned and say goodbye to your inside pitches, boys. Nick Johnson hits it deep towards the gap in right center with Jeter running, but Drew makes a nice running catch for the out. Jeter runs again, but Teixeira walks. A-Rod hits into the rally-killing 5-4-3 DP to end the inning.

Bottom 5th: Pedroia grounds out to short. Martinez hits a hot-shot to short and Jeter does the uneccesary jump and twirl, but it's hit way too far in the hole to get him. Youkilis gets beaned, but he's ok. It's first and second with two outs. Ortiz strikes out swinging.  

Top 5th: Granderson singles past the glove of a diving Pedroia and steals second. Swisher hits a line drive to center, but Cameron makes a lovely diving catch to save the run. Gardner grounds out to second to end the inning.

Bottom 4th: Drew lines out to second. You hears Al Leiter, folks: Teach your babies to throw changeups. Left-handed. Cameron swings through strike three. Leiter is waxing nostalgic about the 99' Mets infield. That infield also had two of the prettiest swings in Major League Baseball: Robin Ventura and John Olerud. People would weep at their beauty. Scutaro grounds out to shortstop and Leiter remembers he's with the Yankees' crew now.

Top 4th: Teixeira strikes out looking. A-Rod flies out. Cano singles up the middle, but gets caught stealking on a beauty of a throw by V-Mart.

Bottom 3rd: Pedroia doubles to the leftfield corner. Martinez lines out to Teixeira, who makes a nice diving catch to keep Pedroia at bay. Youkilis pops out to second. Ortiz serves an inside fastball to rightfield - his first hit of the season - to score Pedtroia. 1-0 RED SOX. Beltre gives the next pitch a ride, but he flies out to deep center to end the inning.

Top 3rd: Swisher strikes out swinging and Gardner grounds out to third. Kay just asked Leiter if he wore a jacket when he got on base. Anyone remember Leiter's butcher-boy swing and .089 batting average? HA. Jeter beats out a slow grounder to third for an infield hit. Johnson strikes out on a check swing.

Bottom 2nd: Beltre flies out to center. J.D. Drew grounds out second. Kay: "Boston has a voracious media...very good newspapers." News...papers? What are those? <sobs> Cameron smokes a ground-rule double to rightfield. Guys in the booth are killing the Boston media right now for getting on Ortiz. I wonder how long it'll take for someone to ask about Teixeira's issues. He's 0-for-9, I think. Scutaro walks. Ellsbury flies out to shallow left.

Top 2nd: Cano grounds out to second. Posada hits it to the same place. Two outs. Granderson flies out to center....ummm...why is the Yankee VIP suite made up in Red Sox colors? Blue carpet and blue and red chairs. Just sayin'

Bottom 1st: Exactly how does "True Yankee Great" qualify as a scouting report, YES? Ellbury grounds the ball past a diving Teixeira. Cano scrambles for it and flips it to Pettitte, but Ellsbury beats it out for an infield single. Pettitte's a little shaken up, as Ellsbury knocked the glove out of this hand. Pedroia walks on a real close 3-1 fastball. Ellsbury moves over to second. V-Mart hits into the 5-4-3; Ellsbury to third. Youkilis walks and here comes Ortiz, he of the 0-for-7 start. You know you play in the NY/New England area when that's an issue. Ortiz hits it well between first and second, but the Yank's are playing the shift and it's 0-for-8. His career is over, people.

Top 1st: Jeter grounds out to short. Nick Johnson grounds out weakly to first base and Teixeira walks. A-Rod flies out to center. Good start for Lackey, who we learned was QB for his high school football team in Texas. And now he's a starting pitcher. For the Red Sox. Yeah. He's that guy.

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