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Yankees at Red Sox: The Liveblog


Top 9th: Pitching change: Jonathan Papelbon. A-Rod grounds out. Cano flies out to left. Jorge singles up the middle. Granderson grounds out to third and that's all she wrote, folks. Hey, it's before midnight! Whadaya know.

Bottom 8th: Drew grounds out to third. Cameron singles up the middle. Scutaro walks. Runners on first and second with one out. Man, Joba's lost some zip on his fastball, huh? Ellsbury flies out to center. Pedroia singles to right, Cameron scores. Runners on first and third. 9-7 RED SOX V-Mart flies out to right.

Top 8th: Pitching change: Daniel Bard. Gardner grounds out to second and Jeter grounds out to first. Nick Johnson walks...visit to the mound, part 241. Randy Winn comes in as a pinch runner. Teix grounds into the force at second.

Bottom 7th: Pitching change: Chan Ho Park. Park goes high and tight to Scutaro and generally can't find the zone. Scutaro with the single up the middle on a 3-1 count. Ellsbury strikes out. Dustin Pedroia with a two-run HOME RUN to left. SCORE: 7-7 Victor Martinez works it to a full count. Chan Ho not looking too good. He's out on a weird blooper thing that Cano corrals at the edge of the grass. Youk misses a home run by thismuch. Settles for a double off the monster. Pitching change: Damaso Marte. Youkilis to third on a wild pitch...he comes home on the passed ball. 8-7 RED SOX David Ortiz walks. Yeah...Pitching change: Joba Chamberlain. Beltre grounds into the fielder's choice at second.

Top 7th: Tex walks. A-Rod drills a fastball off the Green Monster. Ellsbury plays it like a vet. Second and third, no outs. Pitching change: Hideki Okajima. Cano grounds out to second. Teixeira scores. A-Rod moves to third. 6-5 YANKEES Posada hits it right back up the middle, but Okajima can't handle it for a single. A-Rod scores. 7-5 YANKEES Granderson walks. Swish grounds into the 5-4-3 DP.

Bottom 6th: Pedroia walks. Fearless prediction: He will attempt to steal a base. His uniform is too clean...Sabathia closing in on the 100-pitch mark. This is probably his last inning. V-Mart smokes a liner just inside the left-field line. Pedroia goes first-to-third, I get proven wrong, and Martinez pulls in with a double. Youkilis with a line drive deep into the right-field corner...Pedroia scores, Martinez scores. Youkilis pulls in with a triple. 5-4 YANKEES Ortiz breaks his bat on a chopper to second...Cano almost gets speared making the play. Youkilis holds at third. Pitching change. Why do I feel I'll qualify for AARP by the time this game is over? Call it a hunch. David Robertson in. First pitch to Beltre is an RBI single to center. SCORE: 5-5 J.D. Drew grounds out to first. Beltre moves to second. Two outs. Cameron grounds out to third.

Top 6th: Swisher grounds out to third. Gardner flies out to center. Encouraging showing by Schoeneweis. Pitching change: Ramon (S.) Ramirez to pitch. Vivica (A.) Fox feels your pain, Ramon. Jeter singles on a sharp line drive to center. Nick Johnson flies out to center.

Bottom 5th: Big Papi pops out to third. Adrian Beltre strikes out swinging. Drew singles to left. Cameron singles to left on a 3-2 count. Runners on first and second with two outs. Scutaro (told y'all he can hit against Sabathia) with a line drive to left that Brett Gardner throws to Anapolis; unfortunately, he was aiming for home plate. Drew scores. 5-2 YANKEES Runners on second and third. Ellsbury strikes out to end the threat.

Top 5th: Teixeira flies out to center - not so much shouting down those voices that say he's bad in April (yes, it's the first game of the year, but it's never too soon!). A-Rod pops out to second. Cano singles to right. Posada walks: runners on first and second with two outs. Ruh Roh, here comes John Farrell. Looks like Beckett is out. Pitching change. Any Met fans out there might wanna look away, for fear of flaring up their PTSD: Scott Schoeneweis in to pitch. Remember when he was kinda good with the Angels? Let's see what this season brings, shall we? Wild pitch on 1-2; runners move up. Beautiful little slider by Schoeneweis to get Granderson out swinging.

Shoutout to the comment by TwoTimeZonesAway, who pointed out Joe Morgan's continued atrocities against the English language. I don't get audio in the office, so it's much appreciated. Seriously: Not amused, Morgan.

Bottom 4th: Dustin Pedroia leads off the inning by diving to first base on a squibbler (new word!) to first. Thereby both assuring that people keep calling him scrappy and likely sending his little league coach into fits. He's out on a very close call (read: probably safe). Martinez grounds out to third. Youkilis pops out to short to end the quick inning. 

Top 4th: Cano smokes the hanging changeup deep to left. Ellsbury mistimes his leap at the wall and Robi pulls in with a double. Posada grounds out to first and Cano moves to third. Granderson grounds out to Youkilis, who holds Cano at third. Swisher walks. Beckett's strike zone is about three square inches right now - in his mind, at least.  Gardner inside-outs a 3-2 pitch to left. Cano scores and Swisher moves to second. 3-1 YANKEES Jeter singles past a diving Scutaro. Swisher scores. 4-1 YANKEES Two outs with Gardner on third and Jeter on first. AND Gardner just stole home on a double-steal. For reals. 5-1 YANKEES Jeter on second.Nick Johnson is called out on strikes.

- We interrupt this Yankee talk to say the Eagles send Donovan McNabb to the...Redskins? For real? Yeah, it's for real -

Bottom 3rd: Cameron walks. Hey, remember when he broke his face when he was on the Mets? That wasn't fun. Gotta love the AL, where .286 hitters bat ninth. Scutaro lines out to third, but Cameron skedaddles back to avoid the DP. Lebron's at Fenway! Heeeey LeBron. The entire state of New York welcomes know, whenever. Ellsbury grounds out to third to end the inning.

Top 3rd: Johnson walks to lead off the inning.Teix (or do we shorten that?) flies out to shallow right. And A-Rod grounds into the 6-4-3 double-play to end the inning.

Bottom 2nd: Youkilis leads off with a double to center. Ortiz grounds out, Youkilis moves to third. Beltre justmissed a double off the wall, but has to settle for a sac-fly, as Granderson reels it in. Youkilis scores. 2-1 YANKEES J.D. Drew strikes out looking on a full count.

I don't know about you, but magnetic schedule night against the Twins sounds phenomenal.

Top 2nd: A-Rod hits a chopper between the mound and third, which Beckett fields for the out. Good sign, Yankee fans: Robinson Cano up with no one on base (he hit .207 with RISP)...and he flies out to Mike Cameron. Way to make me look dumb, Robi. POSADA HOME RUN to right field, right off the foul pole. 1-0 YANKEES Curtis Granderson making people look really smart: SOLO HOMER to center. 2-0 YANKEES. Remember: chicks dig the long ball. Nick Swisher follows up with a single to center. Two outs, for those keeping track at home. Brett Gardner with a line drive to right field and Swisher moves to second. Beckett up to 30 pitches so far...23 this inning. Jeter hits a chopper to short, Pedrioia goes the short way for the fielder's choice.

Bottom 1st: YES has fancy new graphics! Jacoby Ellsbury celebrates by flying out to center. Dustin Pedroia swings at a fastball around his nose for strike three. Victor Martinez, who, according to afore-posted sabermetric data is pretty good against Sabathia, is up. Game is slowing down to regular Yankee/Red Sox pace now. Good thing, too. I've appropriated the next seven hours for this gig. Martinez grounds out to first to end the inning.

Top 1st: Jeter grounds out to short on the first pitch to start the game. Inauspicious start, right there. Nick Johnson flies out deeeeep to center. Teixeira ground out. Seven pitches. Three outs. Is that the quickest half inning in Yankee/Red Sox history? Probably not, but I'm going to say it was.

First, from john19: Ha Ha, Michael Kay opened the telecast by saying it's a wonderful night in Baltimore. Hey, Baltimore, Boston, same first letter.

Ha, indeed.

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