Not all the Yankees' rotation talk is about the pitching staff. Just as important is when first baseman Mark Teixeira can painlessly gyrate his strained back muscle.

Teixeira, who has missed the last five games, said he is feeling much better with "treatment, a little bit more aggressive rotations . . . "

But he wouldn't speculate on his return "until I swing a bat."

"I'd love for it to be in the [lineup] next couple of days," he said. "I think we're talking about more than a few, but let's just hope it goes well when I start swinging."

Manager Joe Girardi appeared to back off on his expectation on Thursday that a decision is imminent on whether Teixeira will go on the 15-day disabled list.

Girardi said he is comfortable being a player short on the roster while Teixeira's rehab continues because "with the versatility of our guys, we'll be OK," Girardi said. "I would hate to put Tex on the DL and then he's ready after seven days, or eight days. That's what I don't want to do."

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Cervelli's versatility

Directly related to Girardi's confidence in players' versatility is the work of Francisco Cervelli, "because he allows you to do a lot of things with , where we don't have a first baseman and playing Mac at first has worked out well," Girardi said.


Capuano 47th Yank

Saturday's starter, the just acquired Chris Capuano, will become the 47th player used by the Yankees this season, and the 22nd to make his debut with the team.