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Yankees-Red Sox has 'big series' feel to Joe Girardi

Mangers John Farrell of the Boston Red Sox

Mangers John Farrell of the Boston Red Sox and Joe Girardi of the Yankees shake hands before their Opening Day game at Yankee Stadium. (April 1, 2013) Credit: Getty Images

This weekend's Red Sox-Yankees series at the Stadium won't be what many would have predicted before the season started.

Just two months ago, observers had low expectations for both teams. But just like old times, first place in the AL East will be at stake.

Does the the weekend have that "big series'' feel of old? "I think it does,'' Joe Girardi said before Thursday night's game against the Mets. He added: "I don't know if that feeling ever goes away.''

The Red Sox are 33-22 and the Yankees are 30-23. CC Sabathia (4-4, 3.96) will face Jon Lester (6-1, 3.34) in the opener.

"We've both played really well, it's the end of May and you know the summer is coming, and those months are extremely important,'' Girardi said. "I think it does [feel big].''

Girardi: Don't ask me

Girardi gave an odd answer to the seemingly harmless question about the expectation that Mark Teixeira and Kevin Youkilis will return from the disabled list Friday.

"I know that has been reported,'' he said. "As I've said all along, when they get here, they get here. I hate putting a date on something.''

When it was pointed out that general manager Brian Cashman was the one doing the reporting, Girardi replied: "That's what Brian said, so maybe you should ask Brian.''

Teixeira and Youkilis each went 1-for-3 Thursday night at Double-A Trenton.


Matsui to retire a Yank

Hideki Matsui will sign a one-day minor-league contract on July 28 in order to retire as a Yankee, the team announced. Matsui, the 2009 World Series MVP, will be honored in a ceremony that day at Yankee Stadium.

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