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Yankees skip 'hazing' of rookies this season

Yankees manager Joe Girardi poses with the '80s

Yankees manager Joe Girardi poses with the '80s music all-stars, oops, we meant the 2011 Yankees rookies.

For the first time in many years, the Yankees have decided not to have their rookies dress up in outlandish costumes as part of a long-standing "hazing" ritual.

According to a clubhouse source, the Yankees were unable to find what they considered a good time on the schedule to pull the prank. Generally, teams have their rookies dress in costumes before a late-season road trip and have the players wear the outfits on the team bus and plane to the next city.

The Mets, for example, had their rookies wear superhero costumes Sunday after their game in Atlanta. The rookies wore the outfits all the way to Washington, which was the next destination. The team put photos of the event its official Twitter feed.

Last season, the Yankees had their rookies dress up on Sept. 8 as pop stars -- Rick James, Vanilla Ice, Justin Bieber, etc. -- following an afternoon home game. In 2012, the costumes were "Star Wars" themed.

The lack of a suitable afternoon home game which preceded a road series was cited as one of the factors in the Yankees' decision to forgo the ritual this season.

In recent years, the Yankees official public relations Twitter feed called the event "rookie dress up day" and posted photos.

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