Like everyone rooting for the Yankees, Ben Tuliebitz was keeping a close eye on three games Sunday: Yankees-Orioles, Astros-Diamondbacks and Angels-Rangers.

Unlike everyone else rooting for the Yankees, Tuliebitz was responsible for figuring out what to do with the Yankees once the results of those games came in.

As the team's director of team travel and player services, he spent late Sunday afternoon in the visiting manager's office at Camden Yards keeping all options open.

"I had my laptop here, I had our game at the Orioles here [on TV], I had my iPad here with the Diamondbacks and Houston game and I was constantly checking my phone," he said. "Earlier, especially, when the Rangers and Angels hadn't finished their game I was checking their score as well.

"So, just a lot of phone calls and emails and being prepared either way."

The Yankees made it clear early on that they would not beat the Orioles, but the Astros were tied with Arizona until the eighth inning before losing, 5-3.

Had Houston won, Tuesday night's American League wild-card game would have been in Houston, not the Bronx.

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"We were ready," Tuliebitz said. "This is what you do it for. This time of year the added pressure brings a lot of excitement. We start in the beginning of February with spring training and you work through the whole year to get to this point.

"Somebody asked me, 'Oh my goodness, you must be so stressed trying to find rooms!' But these are good problems to have. There are 20 other traveling secretaries around the league who would love to have these problems.

"So it's just a matter of being prepared, and you rely on your relationships with the hotels that you've used during the year."

The Yankees planned to return to New York after Sunday's game regardless, "but we were ready if we had to be in Houston. We had everything lined up."

But wait, there's more: If the Astros had won and the Rangers lost - neither of which happened - those teams would have played for the AL West title Monday, with the Yankees then having to travel to meet the loser Tuesday.

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"I had hotel rooms blocked in Houston and I had hotel rooms blocked in Dallas, because if the Rangers had lost they would have had a playoff game and we could have had to go to Dallas," Tuliebitz said.

"We would have had to wait until 6:30 [Monday], with a plane on standby and then flying to either Houston or Dallas depending on the outcome. But it's all good problems to have."

Tuliebitz's planning was less complex for the wild-card game. If the Yankees win Tuesday night, they fly to Kansas City for the ALDS. If they lose, well, never mind.