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Yankees v. Mets – June 18 – in-game blog

Top of the first: Reyes lines out to Gardner on the third pitch and Pagan pops to Jeter on the third pitch. Wright lines a double down the left field line and is driven in by an Ike Davis single to right. The throw came home on a close play, but Wright appeared to just get his left hand in before the tag. Cervelli seemed convinced otherwise. Bay pops foul along the first base line to end the frame. Mets 1, Yankees 0.

Bottom of the first: Jeter works the count full, but Takahashi comes back from a 3-0 count to get him to ground to first. Swisher grounds to short and Tex flies out deep to the warning track in front of the visitors bullpen. Tough at-bat, and well hit, just a foot too short. Mets 1, Yankees 0.

Top of the second: Carter grounds to second, Barajas lines to left (nice diving play by Huffman) and Francoeur singles to center to keep the inning alive. With Tejada batting, Francoeur takes second on a wild pitch, but Vazquez strikes out Tejada to end the frame. Mets 1, Yankees 0.

Bottom of the second: A-Rod (who's at-bat music is the awesome "On to the next one" by Jay-Z) grounds to third, Cano pops to the catcher to actually record an out (the world does not end) and Posada gets a hit to right field to give the Yankees their first baserunner of the night. Cervelli flies to left to strand him. Mets 1, Yankees 0.

Top of the third: Reyes flies to left, Gardner dives to snare a sinking liner from Pagan and Wright strikes out to end the frame. Aside from some trouble in the first, Vazquez has been working quick and effectively. Mets 1, Yankees 0.

Bottom of the third: Huffman grounds to third, Gardner strikes out and Jeter beats out a grounder chopped to second to nab an infield hit. It didn't hurt that Davis dropped the ball at first. Swisher check-swings a groundball to second for an easy out to end the inning. Mets 1, Yankees 0.

Top of the fourth: Ike Davis hits a hard groundball to second that Cano makes a nice play on for the out. It took a weird hop on the dirt and Cano had to slide down in order to glove it. Bay flies out to Tex in foul ground and Carter strikes out to en it. Mets 1, Yankees 0.

Bottom of the fourth: Tex flies to left and A-Rod crushes a pitch to center, where it's caught. Cano skies a pop to Davis in foul territory. Takahashi has been quietly very good. Only one K, but also only two hits. He looks like he did the last time these two teams locked horns. They had a replay of his game in Baltimore on in the Yankee clubhouse this afternoon, but it doesn't look like the extra video has done any good so far. Mets 1, Yankees 0.

Top of the fifh: Barajas pops to Tex, Francoeur pops to Cano and Tejada lines out to Gardner. Mets 1, Yankees 0.

Bottom of the fifth: Posada walks, Cervelli strikes out, Huffman strikes out looking and Gardner taps back to the mound. One thing about Takahashi: He's thrown 32 balls in 72 pitches. That's 44 percent balls. But he's only walked one. How is that possible? Mets 1, Yankees 0.

Top of the sixth: Reyes is out after Tex makes a great stabbing play on a hard grounder down the right field line and flips to Vazquez, who beats Reyes to the bag. Pagan walks on a full count, but is caught stealing second. Wright walks and Davis strikes out to end it. Mets 1, Yankees 0.

Bottom of the sixth: Jeter grounds out and Swisher singles to center for just the Yankees third hit of the ball game. Tex follows with a single, but it's not too deep to center and Swisher has to hold at second. A-Rod grounds out to advance the runners, bringing up the hottest hitter in all of baseball. He's fouled out twice already tonight and was literally crushing balls in batting practice. Cano can't keep making outs, right? Well it's not an out, and Cano walks to load the bases for Jorge Posada. Posada chops a ball to third, but can't beat the throw. I guess you only get so many grandslams in any given year. Mets 1, Yankees 0.

Top of the seventh: Bay grounds out and Carter flies out. Barajas hits a loud foul ball that just misses being a home run, but ends up working a walk. Francoeur (and his shattered bat) ground to short for a fielders choice to end the frame. By the way, as per the informaton packet here in the press box - the Mets are 31-11 when scoring first. Mets 1, Yankees 0.

Bottom of the seventh: Takahashi's night is over as Elmer Dessens comes in to pitch. Hey Cervelli hasn't done anyting in awhile....oh wait! There he goes. The Cisco Kid doubles past a diving David Wright, and Curtis Graderson enters the game for Huffman. One pitch and done for Dessens who exits the game for Pedro Feliciano. The move works as Granderson strikes out. Gardner grounds to first, advancing Cervelli and bringing up Jeter with a runner on third and two outs. But Jeter can't come through, and he grounds back to Felciano to end the inning. The Yankees have had their share of chances to get in this game (especially the last two innings) but failed to capitalize. Mets 1, Yankees 0.

Top of the eighth: Chan Ho Park now on to pitch, so Vazquez can only lose or get a no-decision. As the old line goes, "he certainly pitched well enough to win." His final line: seven innings, three hits, one earned run, three walks and four strikeouts. Tejada works a walk off Park, Reyes doubles to right field and Tejada holds at third. Boone Logan warming in the pen, but Girardi stays with Park against the lefty Pagan who doubles to left to drive in both runs. Wright grounds to short (Pagan holds at second) and now Boone Logan is brought in...perhaps a few batters too late. Davis strikes out and Bay is intentionally walked. Fernando Tatis pinch-hits for Chris Carter and Tatis flies to center at the end of a 10-pitch at-bat. Mets 3, Yankees 0.

Bottom of the eighth: Swisher singles to start the inning just over Tejada's outstretched glove. Tex skies one to the warning track in left and Swisher tags up and reaches second. He would have likely been out at the bag, but Tejada couldn't hold onto Bay's throw. A-Rod strikes out looking on a slider and Cano lines out to Bay. Another wasted chance. But at the same time, Feliciano has given the Mets two excellent innings of relief. It was almost like extra-inning softball - he came in with a runner already on second base in the seventh and didn't yield a run. Mets 3, Yankees 0.

Top of the ninth: Barajas flies to Gardner, Francoeur doubles to right center and Tejada singles (Francoeur stops at third). Reyes singles for an RBI, Pagan walks to load the bases and Wright grounds into a double play to end it. Mets 4, Yankees 0.

Bottom of the ninth: Last licks for the Yankees and it'll come against Raul Valdes and his 5.16 ERA. Posada flies out, Cervelli singles, Granderson singles (off a lefty? what?) and Valdes is taken out for K-Rod. Gardner walks at the end of a 12-pitch at-bat, and now the Yankees suddenly have two chances to tie the game with one swing. But Jeter strikes out and Swisher pops out to end the game. Mets 4, Yankees 0.

Stay right here for the postgame, coming to you in a new soon as I get back from the clubhous.


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