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Yankees v. Mets – June 20 – in-game blog

Drew Brees threw out the first pitch with his right arm, holding his son in his left arm. Didn't bounce it either.

Top of the first: Sky-high pop from Reyes caught by Cano, Pagan lines out to Gardner in left and Wright singles to left. Wright steals with Davis at-bat, but Ike strikes out on a full count off-speed pitch to end the inning with no damage done. Yankees 0, Mets 0. 

Bottom of the first: Jeter grounds to second, Swisher flies to center and Tex strikes out swinging. Yankees 0, Mets 0.

Top of the second: Bay flies out to deep right and Swisher makes the catch on the back of the warning track. Barajas goes down swinging and Tatis goes down looking. Yankees 0, Mets 0.

Bottom of the second: A-Rod grounds to first base on a little check swing tapper that just stayed fair. Cano is hit by a pitch, Posada singles (Cano to second), Granderson flies out to right (no advance) and Cervelli lines to left to end it. Yankees 0, Mets 0.

Top of the third: Francoeur lines to center, Tejada lines to center (much shallower though, and Granderson has to half-duck to make the catch) and Reyes pops (sky-high again) to Tex in foul territory. Yankees 0, Mets 0.

Bottom of the third: Gardner singles to left, Jeter hits an infield single to third and is safe when Davis has to move off the bag at first to grab the throw. Swisher hits a bunt single to load the bases with nobody out and Tex hits a grandslam to the bleachers in left. Santana's gotta be wondering how the heck this happened. Gardner's hit was legit, then two infield single and Tex JUST gets enough to dunk in his fifth career grannie and the Yankees' seventh grandslam this year. A-Rod grounds out, Cano grounds out and Posada strikes out looking. Yankees 4, Mets 0.

Top of the fourth: Pagan gets an infield base hit (the third in an inning and a third), Wright hits into a 6-4-3 double play and Davis strikes out swinging, Sabathia's fourth strikeout of the afternoon. Yankees 4, Mets 0.

Bottom of the fourth: Granderson singles on a line drive to center (off a lefty!!! Is that possible?), Cervelli hits into a 5-4-3 double play and Gardner grounds out. Santana gave up that grandslam in the third, but has otherwise looked good (even if the fastball is a bit less than what we're used to). Yankees 4, Mets 0.

Top of the fifth: Bay walks (the first Sabathia has allowed today), Barajas nearly hits a homer (or at least a long double) but Gardner tracks it down at the wall, leaps and makes the catch for the first out. Tatis strikes out, but Bay steals second on the strikeout pitch bringing up Francoeur, who pops up to Cano to end the threat. Yankees 4, Mets 0.

Bottom of the fifth: Jeter doubles to center, Swisher strikes out and Tex walks. A-Rod pops to Barajas right in front of the Yankee dugout and Cano flies out to right center. But Santana is already at 93 pitches and Raul Valdez was warming in the Mets pen since the middle of that inning. Yankees 4, Mets 0.

Top of the sixth: Tejada doubles to right, A-Rod makes a diving play on a Jose Reyes grounder and throws him out (no advance from Tejada and Pagan hits a fly ball to center. Wright flies to right-center and Tejada's leadoff double is wasted. Yankees 4, Mets 0.

Bottom of the sixth: Posada lines out to Pagan, who makes a nice sliding catch. Granderson grounds to short and Cervelli triples to left center, absolutely crushing a ball off the wall and running hard all the way. I'm not even sure the guy thought double for a second, the way he was motoring you have to expect he smelled a triple. Santana now at 111 pitches and Jenry Mejia is warming in the bullpen. Gardner grounds to short to strand Cervelli. Yankees 4, Mets 0.

Top of the seventh: Davis bloops a broken bat single right between Cano and Swisher, Bay walks and suddenly Sabathia is in trouble for the first time today. Barajas, who just missed a homer last time up, strikes out looking. Tatis grounds into a 5-4-3 double play as Sabathia escaped without any damage. Yankees 4, Mets 0.

Bottom of the seventh: Jenry Mejia in now to face Jeter, who grounds out 1-4-3 (off the top of Mejia's glove). Swisher flies out to center and Tex strikes out swinging. Yankees 4, Mets 0.

Top of the eighth: Francoeur lines out to Granderson, as a light rain has begun to fall here at the Stadium. The sky is still fairly blue and sunny, so this could just be a spring (summer?) shower. Tejada grounds to Tex and is tagged out and Reyes grounds to Tex as well to end the inning. Sabathia just got to the 100 pitch mark. Yankees 4, Mets 0.

We're in a bit of a rain delay here....updates will start again when the game does, or something else happens.

Ok, and the tarp is coming off the field now, so we should be back to baseball shortly.

Bottom of the eighth: A-Rod and Cano each have one more crack to join the hit parade. Every other Yankee starter has at least one hit so far. You have to wonder how the rain delay will affect Sabathia. He'd only thrown 100 pitches, and you have to figure he would have went out there to try to complete the shutout. I guess it all depends on how long this inning goes. Fernando Nieve now in to pitch for the Mets.

A-Rod now at the plate after a 22 minute rain delay, and he grounds to second to start the bottom half of the eighth. Cano breaks his bat and grounds out and Posada doubles to left. Granderson (getting his first chance against a righty today) grounds to second. Yankees 4, Mets 0.

Top of the ninth: Sabathia won't get a chance to complete the shutout, that rain delay probably took him out of it. Rivera on to pitch in a non-save situation and Ramiro Pena playing third base in place of A-Rod.

Pagan grounds to first, Wright flies to right (appropriately enough) and Davis grounds to short to end the game.

Well that's it folks, remember to check out the newspaper and web tomorrow for more in-depth coverage of the Subway Series finale. The Yankees won two of three at home, and the Mets did the same, so we (once again) have a 3-3 tie for the regular season series.

We'll do a post-game wrap-up blog with all the news from the soon as I can grab an elevator back to the press box.


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