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Yanks feel for Galarraga--and Joyce


           The Yankees do not believe in expanding instant replay beyond its current use, which is deciding disputed home run calls. At least they are not sayng they do. Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez both said they'd prefer not to comment after an admittedly bad call with two outs in the ninth cost Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga a perfect game Wednesday night.

           Manager Joe Girardi referred to the "rhythm" of the game, not necessarily the pace, but the rhythm and said it would be hindered by a succession of instant replay delays for calls on the bases.

            Derek Jeter expressed the prevailing sentiment: "When does it stop, when does it start? Do you have a flag that you throw from the bench for challenges? There are always plays throughout the course of a game that you wish were called the other way, but it comes to the point, where does it start and where does it stop?"

        Interesting was the reaction to Jim Joyce, the first base umpire who admitted later Wednesday that he had blown the call. Curtis Granderson, a former teammate of Galarraga in Detroit, said, "He made a mistake. Everybody makes one."

       Joe Girardi said that as a catcher he found Joyce to be an "even keeled" umpire who talked with players and let them vent and who did a good job calling balls and strikes, and calls on the bases.

       "Jim Joyce said he thought he blew the  biggest call of his career. My initial reaction was, `You’ve worked world series games.’ My heart goes out to him. It’s a shame he feels that way. He has been a very, very good umpire for a long time," the manager said, adding that he does support Major League Baseball looking into possibly reversing the call.

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