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YES Network sticking with FS1 postgame show during ALCS

Alex Rodriguez on the FS1 set of Fox

Alex Rodriguez on the FS1 set of Fox on MLB. Credit: Fox Sports

Yankees fans have grown accustomed over the years to turning to the YES Network for localized coverage shortly after games on national outlets such as ESPN and Fox — both during the regular season and postseason.

But that changed during the ALDS against the Cleveland Indians, and it will continue during the ALCS against the Houston Astros that starts on Friday, with some modification.

Rather than have local announcers, analysts and reporters provide immediate postgame coverage, YES has simulcast FS1’s postgame show, and only after that was over switched to YES’ postgame show.

After Game 5 on Wednesday, that meant waiting a full 90 minutes — after a game that ended near midnight — before switching away from the national studio show hosted by Kevin Burkhardt and featuring Alex Rodriguez, Keith Hernandez, David Ortiz and Frank Thomas.

The reason? Fox is the majority owner of YES, and the plan maximized exposure for its national show and avoided having its national and local postgame shows compete directly against one another.

That will change somewhat during the ALCS. After Games 1 and 3 on FS1, the plan is for FS1’s postgame to be simulcast on YES for a half hour or so, after which the switch will be made to the local crew.

Game 2 on Saturday will be on Fox’s broadcast channel. Fox plans a brief postgame after that game — which will not be simulcast on YES — and when that is over YES will come on with its full postgame coverage.

YES will provide pregame coverage during the ALCS before Fox’s national pregame begins. So, for example, for Game 1 YES will have a pregame show from 6 to 7 p.m., then FS1 will take over from 7 to 8 p.m.

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