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You be the GM: What should the Yankees do in the offseason?

Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman in Game 2

Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman in Game 2 of the ALDS against the Boston Red Sox on Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018, at Fenway Park in Boston. Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

The Yankees have been eliminated from the postseason after losing to the Red Sox in the American League Division Series.

The Yankees finished the regular season 100-62 -- third-best in baseball behind Boston and the Houston Astros -- and made the playoffs for the second consecutive year, but could not improve upon their run last year, when they came within one game of reaching the World Series. 

If you were given the reins of the Yankees, what moves would you make this offseason? Share your thoughts on what direction the team should go below.

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I would go after the best starting pitchers available. Corbin should be signed, and then be bold and try to trade for a No.1...

J.A. Rosario, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Bring Girardi back.

Dave Galarneau, Au Sable Forks, N.Y.

We need starting pitching and a good hitting coach. And yes, hire Buck Showalter or Mike S

Kenneth Cerenzis, Brentwood

First - Bring back CC for 1 yr 5-7 Mil, bring back Robertson for 3yrs 8 to 10 mil each. Let Happ, Lynn and Cutch walk and...

Mitchell Bandalan, Greenfield, Wis.

Trade Hicks on a high, trade Gray, trade Justus and/or Florial for a top-end arm (Syndergaard or deGrom). Sign both Machado...

Mohammad Ahmed, Orange, Conn.

Sign Machado. For some reason I'm just not feeling Harper. Trade Sanchez and possibly another player in a package deal for a...

Vinny C, Florida

1. Yankees need a new pitching coach. 2. Retain the core of the bullpen. 3. Sign 2 starting pitchers. 4. Sign Machado. 5. Do...

Marc Sloane, Plainview

The most important thing is the PITCHING, the rest will take care of itself...

thomas mollica, HUDSON

They need a true leadoff hitter. One that can hit, walk and steal bases. Gardner is done. Do not re-sign him. Have Andujar...

Mari, Coram

The Yankees should trade for Madison Bumgarner and extend him and sign Patrick Corbin

Justin A Argiro, Austintown

Time to put on our Big Boy pants and build the most intimidating Yankee team ever.

Kevin Davis, NY

Promote Justus Sheffield to the MLB starting rotation. Re-sign CC Sabathia to a 1 year, 10 million deal. Sign Patrick Corbin...

Brendan Quartararo, New York, NY

Yanks should send Boone back to the broadcast booth & bring Donnie Baseball in to manage.

Warren Healey, Rockville Centre

Release Brett Gardner or trade him. Sign Bryce Harper and Manny Machado. Sign new starting pitchers. Trade Sonny Gray ASAP....

Chandler Obradovich, Boca

Look into a trade of Stanton for Trout

Dave Yog, Phoenix

The Yankees need the same thing they needed last season: Starting pitching, starting pitching and more starting pitching.

Dave Manasseri, Sayville

Keep Andujar and Gleyber Torres. Get Harper. Have Voit and Bird compete for 1st base job. Most of all get an A1 top flight...

Ron Iannacone, Northport

Get Dallas Keuchel, Switch Miguel Andujar to 1st base, Dump Stanton, Put Sanchez at DH, Put Gleyber Torres at 3rd Base...

Bob H , Providence

Trade Stanton for starting pitcher, get rid of Gardner, sign Machado move Andújar to first base, have Voit DH.

George , Coram

Do not renew Sabathia's contract. Trade for a starting pitcher, and a catcher who can hit!!! Definitely keep Gardner.

Allan Braunschweiger , Hauppauge

Rehire Girardi

Joe V, Brightwaters

I would be angry if I was Cashman and co. I think its time for another big spending offseason. Corbin, Machado, J.A. Happ....

Dante Capurso, Little Ferry

Bring back our old first-base coach (Pena) to manage the team!

Steve Edwards, North Merrick

It isn't my money. My 25 man roster. C-Sanchez 1B-Harper 2B-Torres SS-Didi 3B-Machado LF-Andujar CF-Hicks RF-Judge...

Tim McCollum, Neptune N.J.

I would seek first-class pitchers by offering out Gary Sanchez, and/or Stanton.

Mike Toscano, Long Beach

Boone got them 100 wins with a lot of injuries to key players so he certainly deserves a few years more to get into the...

Rich Struss , Wading River, ny

Kershaw & Corbin at any cost.

Phillip Dodds, Rochester

Steal the small market teams good players as usual.

Glenn Miller, Hicksville, NY

Hire Mattingly if available and bring back Tony Pena as bench coach to work with young players

Rich Lowerey, Whitestone

Pitching we need an ace. And and another #2 or 3 starter

Pete p, Northport

Starting Pitching is a priority - Trade Stanton for a top-shelf starter and sign another one. Sign Machado & move Andujar to...

Robert Riley, Cedar Rapids, IA

Hire David Cone or Frank Viola as pitching coaches

Dave Lappin, Charlotte

Half the team was in their first playoff. They will adjust.

Ricky Becker, Brooklyn

Make starting pitching a priority above all other positions try to get harper/machado either one who could help take us to...

Bryan Gaitan, Brentwood

Give Matt Harvey a shot

Michael Carbone , Wantagh NY

Is it possible for the Yankees to draft successful players?

Dan. Coffey, MACEDON. New. York

I would trade/release Gardner, Sabathia, and Bird. I would put Severino in the bullpen and trade both Britton and Cole. I...

Joseph Barbera , Levittown

I would trade CC, Sanchez & Gardner for more starting pitchers!

Donald Gibson, Huntington Station

Consider whether Larry Rothschild should stay or is really helpful to pitchers

David Golden , Melville New York

Switch Torres to third and Andujar to second.

John Mirando, Oceanside

Get a new manager, send Boone to the minors, sign Machado, move Andujar to first base, get a good starting pitcher.

David Rodriguez, Winter Haven

They have a lot of talent in the minor league and could afford to part with some if the return is a plus player

Marc Auerbach, Smithtown

Acquiring a front line starter is imperative and can be accomplished without losing Torres or Andujar

J Perri, Dix Hills

I would bring Girardi back and trade Sanchez, Bird, for a starter.

Mike Imbriano, Massapequa

It all starts with better starting position. The old adage, your only as good as your next starting pitcher. The Yankees...

Seth Dank, Bellmore, NY

They need pitchers that are team players.

Paul Johnston, Bayport

#1. Need an experienced manager. Boone overmatched. Game 3 doesn't happen with Girardi. He doesn't worry about hurting...

G Raba, Holbrook

Trade Stanton ASAP. Get rid of Lynn, and AJ Cole. Let go of McCutchen. One more year for CC at a reasonable price. One more...

Steve Haweeli, East Hampton

Do not need any more players. Coach the ones you have on their hitting.

Peter Hoffman, Huntington NY

If I were the Yanks' GM, I would stay the course in nurturing and bringing up the organization's young talent....

Frank Hassid, Oceanside

Biggest priorities are: 1) improve starting rotation 2) improve infield defense 3) improve the batting order, make less...

C Roth, Bellmore

The Yankees need to find a new manager and pitching coach ASAP. Boone is clueless. They need to trade Stanton. He is...

Jim Gross, East Northport

They need at least one upgrade in starting pitching.

Alan Singer, Hofstra University

1. Terminate Aaron Boone and try to sign Joe Maddon 2 . Leverage the wealth of talent in farm system and make a trade with...

Sean McHale, Drums, Pennsylvania

Sign NY native Patrick Corbin. Re-sign CC to a 1 yr. & Robertson to a 2 yr. deal. Sign Britton (if possible) to a 3 yr. deal...

Brad Carrier, Rochester, NY

Stop wasting time on Bryce Harper and Manny Machdo talk. Neither one of these guys pitch. You need to go after a number 1...

Eric Eisen , Edison NJ

1. Fire Boone. ACCOUNTABILITY Matters and this tean had none plus he isn't very good. 2. Sign Machado and trade Andujar...

Jeff Picca, East Setauket

Welcome to Yankee Stadium Jacob Anthony Degrom.

Michael, Quogue

Need better pitchers. Manager has to change the pitcher before the opposite team gets more runs.

Cedeno, Brentwood

I would get rid of Sanchez, Bird, McCutchen, Gardner, and Adeiny Hechavarria. Get more consistent hitters that can hit .275...

richard monaco, kunkletown pa

Get a new general manager, develop a much stronger farm system, stop buying has-beens, offer big incentives based on...

Will Petri, Oceanside ny

I am not giving 12 million to a 36-year-old Happ. Take that money and give it to Patrick Corbin. Robertson is making 13...

Dominic CORRADO , Barto, PA

Starting pitching, starting pitching, starting pitching! Get rid of Stanton and get a contact in there and plays leftfield...

Pete Mitchell, West Islip

1st, look for a trade partner for Stanton. Get him and his inflated contract out of here. 2nd, that frees up money for Bryce...

Shannon. Bolton , York pa

Resign Happ, and go after 2 superstar pitchers. So we can have a lineup of (#1, #2,) Happ, Sevy and Tanaka. Also drop money...

Jagan Perine, Long Island


Phil G, Lake Ronkonkoma

Bolster the rotation with at least two established SPs and add a left-handed bat or two.

K. Banzer, Plainview

Obviously Arron Boone can't manage, get rid of him.. Yanks will regret getting Stanton for many years, NO ONE will take over...

Steve. Gagliardo, Long Island

Sign Harper, Machado & Patrick Corbin

Frankie Molina , El Paso

Sign some good contact hitters who can bunt and steal bases.

Antony Mathew, New York

Starting pitching is the priority in trades and FA signings.

John Hartnett, Long Beach

If the old man was still alive, Cashman would have been gone years ago. He's incompetent, and you can tell by that pathetic...

Curt, Shoreham

Get rid of Boone and get Donnie baseball back to The Bronx. Derek would understand.

Frank, Gaccione

If I was the GM, I start by trading Miguel Andujar.

EDWIN veras , Reading, Pa.

Trade Stanton for young pitching, even if it’s minor league - open DH for Sanchez.

John Finnegan, NJ

Trade Andujar, Sanchez and Sheffield for Posey and Bumgarner.

A. Stiles, Setauket

A big-time team needs a big-time manager, not a manager who as a player had his contract voided for doing something stupid.

Stuart Chin , Manhasset Hills

Go with Voit at first base unless Bird or Andujar EARN it.

Andrew Reuss, Gilbertsville, N.Y.

Trade Bird and Gray together and get another hitter

Dave, Patchogue

The top priority for 2019 is starting pitching.

Tom Geheran, New York