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You be the GM: What should the Yankees do in the offseason?

Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman in Game 2

Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman in Game 2 of the ALDS against the Boston Red Sox on Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018, at Fenway Park in Boston. Photo Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

The Yankees have been eliminated from the postseason after losing to the Red Sox in the American League Division Series.

The Yankees finished the regular season 100-62 -- third-best in baseball behind Boston and the Houston Astros -- and made the playoffs for the second consecutive year, but could not improve upon their run last year, when they came within one game of reaching the World Series. 

If you were given the reins of the Yankees, what moves would you make this offseason? Share your thoughts on what direction the team should go below.

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Please get a top number one picher (ace) at any cost.

Sherly Antony , New York

I think it is time for Gardner to go.

Isaiah Rosario, New Jersey

If the Mets would do it, I would trade Sanchez, Frazier, and Severino for deGrom.

Harold Rodriguez, Atlanta, GA

At the end of the day, if I could get two solid starters and Daniel Murphy I would be happy.

Jay Miller, Pasadena, CA

They need starting pitchers

Susan McIntosh, Poughkeepsie, NY

We need better starting pitching that should be our #1 on the list to do for 2019

Ivan Dahl, Nova Scotia

Get rid of Boone. Not a big league manager.

Phil Wright, Myrtle Beach

Bring back Sabathia at a reasonable deal and sign Machado. Sign at least one of the top FA pitchers on the market. Continue...

Jeff Korn, Patchogue

I would try to trade Stanton, and go all in on Harper.

Joe Mancuso, Medford

Fire Boone and put Cone in as pitching coach.

Phil Nicholas, Port Jefferson

It's pretty clear. The Yankees need at least 2 lights out pitchers.

Martin Feldman, New Windsor, NY

Aaron Boone has to go along with Sanchez

Jameson Grimm, Chicago

1) Improve starting pitching. Let CC go. Maybe Tanaka too. 2) Find an experienced manager. (Maybe Buck Showalter or Mike...

Steve Munafo, Satellite Beach, FL

Pretty easy, starting pitching

Stanley Phillips, Brooklyn

Drop Aaron Boone and sign Joe Maddon, trade Andujar for pitching and sign Machado.

Tommy Talbot, East Meadow

Hire Buck Showalter.

Craig, Massapequa

I would build a pitching staff of young talent, "Baby Hurlers".

Raymond G. Navarrete, Manorville

We need more of the Billy Martin mindset

William Fuessler, Wantagh

Pitching, pitching and more pitching

H Hollenstein , Massapequa Park

Instead of chasing the big fish on offense, we need to improve the starting pitching.

Devin Klos, Mount Vernon

I would sign Harper and Machado, Mccutchen trade Stanton sign Corbin Happ, trade sonny gray don't resign sabathia,...

Thomas Stolz, New York

Sign Machado and a top flight FA starting pitcher

Tom Waterman, Tinton Falls, NJ

Pitching pitching and Harper

Richard p, West Babylon

First I would retire CC. I would sign some really good pitchers. Chapman should go too. I believe I would also find a new...

Joy Geddes, Oceanside

Cashman has gotten the pitching wrong for years.

Rob Leonardo, Rockville Centre

They don't need to do too much, with a young nucleus they should get better.

Anthony Perez, Lindenhurst, NY

Pick up Harper or Machado, keep as much of the bullpen as possible.

Ray Robin , Great neck NY

I would hold high priced players accountable for poor performance even if it means sitting them

Jim Hiner, Selden

I would trade Stanton to Washington, if they lose Harper, for Scherzer.

Gerald McNeil, PA

Please get a good fielding left-handed hitting first baseman.

Philip Nicholas, Port Jefferson

Quit stockpiling relievers and sluggers and get some guys who can make some contact with RISP.

Tom Sileo, Charlotte, NC

Get rid of Aaron Boone. He is not experienced enough to manage a talented team.

Jer Miller, Lake Grove

Get rid of Aaron Boone. He has no clue on how to handle a pitching staff.

Rudy Rosenberg II, Carle Place

Get players who are more aggressive at the plate. Stop taking the first pitch so often.

Mark Weiss, West Babylon

Find a team to take Giancarlo's contract off your hands.

Michael Smith, Greenwich

Back up the Brinks armored truck into Joe Girardi's driveway and apologize to him today

Lisa McKee , Holbrook ny

Move Andujar to first base, get a great third baseman

Thomas Sullivan, New York, NY

Keep trying to trade for deGrom or Syndergaard.

Brian Moore, Smithtown ny

1). Fire Boone and bring back Girardi 2). Fire Rothschild 3). Let go of CC, Gardy, Robertson, Lynn, Happ, McCutchen,...

Johnny, Vegas

Cashman needs to green light the big money to go get elite pitching,

Kyle, Virginia

Kick Boone upstairs and sign Showalter or the former Angels manager.

Jack Ripper, Delray Fl

Maybe more Billy Martin DISCIPLINE is needed in the dugout.

John H. Olson, Rutland

Better pitching and more contact hitters - less strikeout hitters !

Anthony , Worcester MA

First and foremost is a quality SP--- be it Paxton or someone else and maybe even another one after that.

Dave Anderson, Troy, NY 12180

How many games are played catch-up because of the runs given away in the first inning

Karen Murpjy, Holbrook

I think you have to try to go after Harper or Machado.

Francis Gacek, Wheatley Heights

Try to trade Sanchez, Stanton for stud pitcher.

Steve sweeney, Garden city

Fire Boone, hire A-Rod to manage the team. Get a REAL #1 starter

Paul Vecchione, Hamilton

Sign FA Joe Mauer

Jorg Lueke, Rhinebeck, N.Y.

Get rid of Boone.

Jay B, Selden

This home run or bust thing is atrocious.

Michael Cavs, Ridge

Add a couple of contact hitters, a starting pitcher and fix Aaron Boone’s bullpen management.

Phil Pec, East Meadow

Get rid of Boone. He's an amateur at best. Passive. Not very smart. And not a motivator or LEADER.

Jack Reed, Pipersville, Pa.

We need to be flexible to switch to small ball so we need guys who can bunt, steal, slap hits to the opposite field

Joe Hoenig , Levittown

Sign pitchers Dallas Keuchel, Patrick Corbin and Andrew Miller. Sign Bryce Harper.

JT Zory, Brooklyn

Aaron Boone is in over his head.

Dick Maier, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

We need to sign CC Sabathia to a one-year deal.

Patrick Windels, Manhattan

I would get rid of Larry Rotschild. All the pitchers regressed under him.

Mark Peters, Bronx

Sign Machado, move Andujar to LF. Let Gardy walk.

Tim Howlett, Zionsville, IN

Fire Boone, hire David Cone.

Michael S Pacht, Taftsville

Fire Boone

John Heimerle , Smithtown

Spend on getting starting pitching and maybe a good leader on the field or give Aaron Judge the captain roll.

Anthony Caridi, West Babylon

Re-sign Happ and Britton, add Corbin, trade Stanton for youth and add either Harper OR Machado.

Bob F, Marlborough

Forget Harper. Forget Machado. WE NEED STARTING PITCHERS !!

Raphael B., Long Island

One word: Pitching!

John Marchese, Rocky Point

Get staring pitching: can't win when your starters can't get past the third inning against a team like Boston.

Rich , Bellmore

If all else fails it is time for a new GM.

Bernie Cody, Manorville

These are the NY Yankees. You do not hire an inexperienced manager and then have him learn on the job, what a joke. He...

Richard B, Medford

Boone must go. Anyone who sends a pitcher back out in the fourth inning after pitching batting practice in the third doesn’t...

Bill Higbie, Melville

Find some Starting Pitchers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Witkop, Calverton

Trade Andujar + prospects for deGrom. Sign Kershaw, Harper, Machado. All 3. Lineup: Hicks, Judge, Harper, Machado, Stanton,...

Jeff Juger, Cheshire, Conn.

Find an experienced manager, not a motivator killer like Boone. Consider not resigning Britton, make Judge team captain and...

Mark Burkholder, Penn Yan

Players to not re-sign: Gardner, CC, Lynn Players to sign: Britton, Walker, Happ, Romine, Robertson, McCutchen, Players to...

Rudy Caruso, Massapequa

The top priority for 2019 is starting pitching.

Tom Geheran, New York

Trade Bird and Gray together and get another hitter

Dave, Patchogue

Go with Voit at first base unless Bird or Andujar EARN it.

Andrew Reuss, Gilbertsville, N.Y.

A big-time team needs a big-time manager, not a manager who as a player had his contract voided for doing something stupid.

Stuart Chin , Manhasset Hills

Trade Andujar, Sanchez and Sheffield for Posey and Bumgarner.

A. Stiles, Setauket

Trade Stanton for young pitching, even if it’s minor league - open DH for Sanchez.

John Finnegan, NJ

If I was the GM, I start by trading Miguel Andujar.

EDWIN veras , Reading, Pa.