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You might want to skip the hot dogs at Yankee Stadium

(June 30, 2010)

(June 30, 2010) Credit: Newsday/John Paraskevas

We all know that stadium food is insanely overpriced. You'd think that for the $7 you're paying for a hot dog, you'd at least know that the vendor you're getting it from had passed a health inspection. Well, depending on where you go, you might be wrong.

ESPN did a killer survey of health department citations for every major sporting arena in the country. New York did not fare well.

At Yankee Stadium, the report says, 48 percent of vendors had some sort of citation for health code violations, including one vendor who had to dump a bottle of Chivas Regal (which can retail for up to $300 ) because the bottle contanined an infestation of fruit flies. The Cathedral of Baseball was also cited for having hot dogs register at only 91 degrees, instead of the health code mandated 140 degrees.

Skip the chicken at Citi Field. Though slightly better than Yankee Stadium with only 45 percent of vendors having violations, 20 pounds of grilled chicken there registered at 70 degrees instead of the mandatated 40 degrees, the report says. Ewwwwww.

The report says Madison Square Garden had 61 percent of their vendors in violation of health codes. At one vender, inspectors discovered 53 pieces of mice droppings near a cash register unit, including 15 of the little presents on top of a soda dispenser, according to documents. So uh, yeah, don't drink soda. Drink beer instead.

The arenas in Jersey weren't much better: At the Pru, only six percent of vendors were found to be in violation. Some employees, however, were found to not be in complete understanding of health codes and food safety. An example of this was not given, though one can wonder. 

One area arena did get a perfect score. You'd never guess, but Nassau Coliseum and the Islanders had no health code violations. Now if only the ceiling didn't leak.

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