There's always something more on A-Rod, isn't there? Now, Dr. Anthony Galea told the Associated Press that he did treat Rodriguez, and gave him only anti-inflammatories, and the Yankees are acting all mad because they didn't know this.

Bud Selig, meanwhile, looms, waiting until the Feds finish their work so he can get A-Rod into a room with his fake cops.

Here's what I'd like to do: I'd like to put Hal Steinbrenner in one thick-walled room, and then Bud Selig in a second such room. Sort of how they used to keep the two family members from "Family Feud" apart, during the final round. I'd like to inject both with a truth serum.

First, we'd go to Hal: "OK, Hal, you're upset right now, so we're offering you a chance to go back in time to last summer for a do-over. A-Rod, displaying better judgment, does not see Dr. Galea, and he therefore isn't as strong a player for the duration of the 2009 season. In the bottom of the ninth, of ALDS Game 2, Joe Nathan strikes out A-Rod, and the Yankees go onto lose the series. Would you like to do that?"

Then, the commish: "All right, Bud, you're upset right now, so we're offering you a chance to back in time to last year for a do-over. Because of A-Rod's decision to forego seeing Dr. Galea, you have a 2009 World Series pitting the Phillies against the Twins. There are record-low TV ratings, and the yakosphere (trademark Neil Best) occupies itself for two weeks discussing the downfall of baseball. Would you like to do that?"

Hmm...wonder how'd they choose?

I don't know whether to believe Galea. But I do believe this: There's just no way any of this winds up getting A-Rod in actual trouble. Not with the U.S. government, and not with Major League Baseball. No wonder how much certain media folks will try to smoke that up.

This all reminds me of the classic line from "Casablanca," which I've somehow never used until now, from Captain Renault: "I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!" Followed by the line to Captain Renault, "Your winnings, sir."

--Javier Vazquez pitched well in his first Grapefruit League start, after surrendering a leadoff homer to Jimmy Rollins. It's easy to forget that Vazquez, too, is in his walk year, since we're understandably talking more about Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera and even Andy Pettitte's annual saga. It'll be interesting to monitor Vazquez's year while concurrently watching Phil Hughes, to see if the Yankees feel pressure to bring back Vazquez for next year and beyond.

--Seriously, Jerry Manuel has to stop with this public fantasizing about using Jenrry Mejia in the bullpen. If the Mets actually go through with this, it will be an indictment of their entire organization. You don't throw a 20-year-old, potential front-end starting pitcher into your bullpen just because you didn't put together much of a setup crew. No matter how badly you need a strong start to the season.

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--Devastating news from Twins camp, where Nathan has a torn ulnar collateral ligament. This is a huge season for the Twins. They're opening up Target Field, and they have a record-high payroll. If they have to pay a few more bucks now to trade for, say, a Heath Bell, then it makes sense to do so. The Twins do have a deep bullpen, though, so maybe they can try to fill it internally.

--UPDATE, 1:29 p.m.: I attended a news conference this morning at Yankee Stadium, where Yankees officials announced the new "Pinstripe Bowl." But I wanted to ask Hal Steinbrenner about A-Rod's situation and the expiring contracts of Joe Girardi, Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. Here are Steinbrenner's answers.