Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

What was Danilo Gallinari thinking?

Maybe Danilo Gallinari is just rusty?

In his second game back from injury, Gallinari found himself on the wrong end of a 2-on-1 fastbreak against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Leading the charge for Cleveland was Kyrie Irving. Seeing Gallinari coming, Irving held up under the basket and dished the ball to Alonzo Gee, who finished off the break with a dunk.

Interestingly enough, Gee wasn't the only one hanging on the rim. Gallinari was already there.

Apparently fooled by Irving's decision to dish the ball instead of scoring the ball himself, Gallinari inexplicably jumped up to slow his momentum and hung on the rim. For a long time.

The Nuggets eventually lost, 100-99.

(h/t @bigleadsports)

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