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Dwyane Wade spending 30th birthday on the pine

Dwyane Wade said he was "intrigued" by Friday's

Dwyane Wade said he was "intrigued" by Friday's meeting with the Knicks in Chicago. Credit: Christopher Pasatieri

Dwyane Wade turned the big 3-0 today. To honor him, the NBA tweeted out this highlight reel of Wade's top 10 plays from 2010-11:

Wade won't have an opportunity to have a big birthday game, though. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra announced that Wade isn't playing against the San Antonio Spurs Tuesday night because of his sprained right ankle.

Miami (8-4) has been without Wade for three of its 12 games so far this season, winning each of those games. As a team, though, the Heat have struggled of late, losing three consecutive games after an 8-1 start.

Wade has 14,084 points in his career, good for third among players 30 or younger. LeBron James (27) has 17,687 career points, and Carmelo Anthony (27) has 14,994 career points. Wade is 25th among all active players; Kobe Bryant is first, with 28,330 points. uses a win shares-based formula, explained here, to compare active players to other players in history. According to its formula, Wade matches up closest with 1980s Milwaukee bucks star Sidney Moncrief through eight seasons. Other players with high "similarity scores" to Wade are Bryant (fifth closest), Walt Frazier (sixth) and Reggie Miller (ninth).

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