LAS VEGAS - Eddy Curry showed he has his weight and his game back under control during a two-day visit to the NBA Summer League. But his personal strength coach, Thomas Weatherspoon, emphasized that the Knicks should not expect him to show up for training camp at his fictitiously listed weight of 285.

"Honestly, when coaches are saying he has to get back to 285, they're delusional," said Weatherspoon, who came with Curry for a midsummer progress report. "They don't have a clue; that's not where he can go. If he goes back to 285, that would make him a scrawny kid. One of the things we're doing is adding more muscle now."

Curry weighs 328, Weatherspoon said, 30 pounds lighter than when he started a strict diet and fitness regimen in late May. For the first five days of the program, Curry was limited to fresh-squeezed juices and broths while he went through a cycle of a colon-cleansing product. He lost 15 pounds from that alone.

Madison Square Garden chairman James Dolan attended yesterday's practice at Valley High and saw the progress of one of his highest-paid athletes. For a second day, Curry participated in full-court drills with the Knicks' summer league team and looked to be in good form. He will not play with the team, which begins its schedule Tuesday.

Although Donnie Walsh and Mike D'Antoni are outwardly pleased by the 6-11 center's recommitment, there were still a few caution flags. Curry arrived knowing he was expected to be on the court but did not bring sneakers. He borrowed assistant coach Herb Williams' Nikes for both practices. Williams stood in Curry's flip-flops on the sideline.

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It also is curious that the team agreed to essentially outsource the work to Weatherspoon and another trainer, Long Island-based Jerry Powell, rather than use its own staff to get Curry into shape. But for Curry, there seems to be more of a trust with Weatherspoon, who has more than 20 years' experience training athletes in the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball. Basketball attache William "Worldwide Wes" Wesley brought Weatherspoon and Powell to Curry.

Weatherspoon arranged for a personal chef - Chef Jeff - to make all of Curry's meals and had a strength and conditioning program that involved a lot of work in a pool and muscle development. They will spend the rest of the offseason in Ocean City, N.J., where Curry's regimen will continue until training camp starts in late September.

Should the Knicks expect an even lighter Curry by then? Not quite, Weatherspoon said. The goal for the next six weeks, in theory, is to replace the fat with muscle. "Re-sculpting the body," Weatherspoon says.

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So the actual weight goal, he said, is between 300 to 315 pounds by training camp.