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Good Afternoon

Retro spot: Gheorghe and LP for Sportscenter

Former NBA player Gheorghe Muresan.

Former NBA player Gheorghe Muresan. Credit: Getty Images

If you're a basketball fan, you know all about Lil Penny. It was always fun watching Chris Rock -- the voice of Lil Penny -- rip on Anfernee Hardaway, and vice versa, in their 1990s commercials (for example, here, here and here).

But while 'LP' spent most of his time pitching Hardaway's Nike shoes, his best moment might have been a spot for ESPN's Sportscenter.

In the commercial, LP gets lunch with former Washington Bullet Gheorghe Muresan in the ESPN cafeteria. The duo share a laugh over one of LP's jokes, Muresan delivers a couple of awkward lines, and then pulls a gag on LP. No, there's nothing better than watching a 7-7 Romanian center yuck it up with a miniature puppet voiced by Rock.

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