A racy locker room version of the "Harlem Shake," an Internet dance sensation, has cost a Rockland County high school hockey team a playoff berth, prematurely ending its season.

A video of the scantily clad members of the Nyack/Tappan Zee hockey team surfaced on YouTube, and school officials said they suspended "11 or 12" players -- out of a roster of 20 -- from participating in Sunday's single-elimination, first-round playoff game against Lakeland/Panas.

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The video showed players, some nearly naked, making sexually suggestive dance moves.

B.J. Greco, public information officer for the South Orangetown Central School District, said Tuesday that only players who participated in the video were suspended but that not enough from the squad remained to field the 10 players needed for the playoff game.

The hockey team made the Section 1, Division 1 playoffs and is a combined squad from Nyack and Tappan Zee high schools. Tappan Zee is in the South Orangetown district, and Nyack is part of Nyack Public Schools.

Greco said the playoff forfeiture ended the team's season.

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"It was a tough pill to swallow for the kids," she said. "Athletics is an extension of the classroom. There's an athletics code of conduct, but they broke it."