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Hot shots

The thought of teaming with LeBron James in Cleveland or Dwyane Wade in Miami may be appealing to Chris Bosh, but not if it means he'd have to take less than a max contract to do it.

"That would be tough to do," he said. "You'd really have to make a big commitment to do that."

Bosh isn't ready to commit to the Raptors, of course, so you can expect him to be among those considering all options on July 1. That is, of course, if he doesn't wind up being traded before the Feb. 18 deadline.

The rumored swap with the Lakers for Andrew Bynum makes a great deal of sense for both parties, especially because it means the Lakers would acquire Bosh's Bird rights and therefore be allowed to sign him to a maximum extension this summer. And he'd still get the benefit of teaming with a superstar in Kobe Bryant.

Fans shouldn't get too caught up in the idea that incumbent teams can offer more to their free agents than other teams can. Put it this way: If LeBron really did want to go to New York, the Cavaliers would have the opportunity to work a sign-and-trade with the Knicks so they don't lose him for nothing. And LeBron wouldn't lose any money in the exchange.

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