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A way out for Eddy

Eddy Curry's delicate dance around a trade demand -- he can't quite come out  and say it because the NBA frowns on such outspokeness -- is quite amusing to all of the suits at 2 Penn Plaza, not to mention members of the media and pretty much every single remaining Knicks fan in the world.

As we reported in Newsday's Sunday editions, Curry put the onus on the Knicks as having "the power to change it" and complained that there is "definitely no emphasis" on his low-post game in the offense during practice.

Let's scratch the record here and bring the party -- tabloid media loves when a frustrated player is ripping his coach -- to an abrupt stop:

Doesn't Curry realize the team would LOVE to trade him? If they can clear the $11.2M owed to him off next year's cap, this could give them the chance to make two max contract offers in 2010.

Doesn't he realize the only reason why Mike D'Antoni played you in those spot minutes was for showcase purposes?

Doesn't he realize the reason why he is still a Knick, languishing on the bench on a team that plays a system that doesn't put any emphasis on a low-post game is because the organization can't (yet) find a taker?

Does he understand that by ignoring the one critical requirement of an NBA player -- being in shape -- over the last few years is why?

Curry says the Knicks have the power to change his situation, but we should remind him that he is the one who is contractually in control of his fate. How?

Well, just like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and even Kobe Bryant, Eddy Curry has an opt-out in 2010.

Just bloggin.

The reality of the situation is obvious: the Knicks won't trade Curry for anything beyond an expiring contract. That's their right and their plan. They could consider a 2-for-1 and take back one expiring and perhaps another contract that may go beyond 2010 but for a lower number, which would result in at least some savings on the cap this summer. They would have to wait until the Cuttino Mobley situation is resolved by the league so it opens up a roster spot to allow them a 2-for-1.

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